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Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Soft Lumbar Spine Pain? Does Not Exist!

by Patricia Stryker - 09 Oct 2022, Sunday 323 Views Like (0)
Memory Foam Mattress Is Too Soft Lumbar Spine Pain? Does Not Exist!

Since I had a cesarean section, my lumbar spine has been severely damaged. When I sleep at night, it is not comfortable to lie flat, and it is not comfortable to lie on my side, and my back hurts no matter what position I use to sleep. Later learned that the mattress is too soft without support, will also increase the pressure on the lumbar spine to a certain extent, causing secondary damage to the lumbar spine.


According to the material classification, mattresses can be divided into spring mattresses, latex mattresses, and so on. I have used memory foam pillows, my cervical spondylosis is well improved, so I was curious about memory foam mattresses. I bought the SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress with one grit of my teeth and one stomp of my foot, hoping it would give me the best relaxation for my lumbar spine.

The size of the mattress I purchased is 180cm*200cm. The mattress cover is wrapped 360 with a complete zipper and can be removed and washed in the washing machine, which is convenient. Cover with mesh design, more breathable, even against the body will not be stuffy.

There are handles on the side of the cover, and it is very convenient to move the mattress much easier.

Three layers of division, high resilience support

Just put the mattress on the bed, the child can not wait to climb up and jump. The first foot of the child did not stand firmly and almost fell down. The company's first and foremost product, the company's first and foremost product, is a new product. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. After lying down, the human body gravity distribution to the head, shoulders, hips, and other parts, the mattress gives good support to all parts, but instead give good support to the lumbar spine.

The core of the mattress is divided into three layers, with distinct layers.

?The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, including the following: (1) the surface layer of Airgocell gel breathable cotton layer, thickness of about 2cm, it uses a special sponge formula, adding gel factor, through the sponge holes to accelerate air circulation, increase the sense of breathability, even if the body will not be hot.

(2) The middle layer is Visco laminated memory foam layer, thickness of about 1 cm. it is to support the local pressure, so that the memory foam next to the undisturbed. This is what you see in the picture, the foot will fall deeper after stepping down, while the surrounding cotton layer does not move, will not be disturbed. In this case, one person turns over, the next person will not be disturbed.

(3) The bottom is HRX high resilience support cotton layer, thickness of about 15 cm. it uses 3D cutting technology to strongly support, increase the rebound strength, whether turning over or activities are not hindered.

On the effect of turning over, let's do an experiment.

Put a row of bottles and jars behind the husband, the husband simulates the situation of turning over. The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. In other words, the pressure from the husband turning over will not bring disturbance to the other half of the mattress. The whole night sleep can not feel the husband turned over.

Let's look at the close range experiment. The mattress is a good choice for the people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their lives. Foot mattress through memory rebound, strong pressure to make the mattress surface sunken, but after the feet lift off the mattress, the mattress immediately returned to its original shape, and the bottles and jars produce a very small shaking. In other words, the partners even if they lie face to face, will not have too much impact on each other, turning over at night is much easier, the whole night do not feel the impact of turning over.

The child bounces on the bed, it is obvious to see that the moment the child jumps on the mattress, the mattress gives the child upward support strength, and trigger the upward rebound force. The mattress is a good choice for the children.


Department, shoulders, hips are obviously heavier, the mattress support strength of the waist is relatively large. The upper body has four obvious stress points. When lying flat, the whole body in the mattress support to maintain a flat state, the waist did not collapse, lumbar spine is better protected.

When lying sideways, the body also has several stress points, the whole body in the memory foam mattress is curved state, the whole body closely fit the mattress, the waist can still be given support by the mattress.

When the child rolls in bed, the mattress surface has not too much downward force.


Experience this mattress has been about a week, this week, deep sleep time from the original 1 hour / night to 3.5 hours / night, SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress to the lumbar spine good support, to protect the lumbar spine from damage, much more comfortable.

1, SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress mattress core is divided into three layers, breathable support, give good support to the whole body, protect the spine, sleep comfortably and extend the time of deep sleep.

2, the mattress is made of memory foam, fit the body shape, increase the rebound strength, even if you turn over will not affect the same bed.

3, the mattress with 360 all-round zipper design, the overall set can be removed for cleaning, clean and sanitary, very convenient.

Mattress step on or sit on the softer, it is best not to sit on it for a long time, lying more comfortable. Also want to know more about what mattress is suitable for you, please click here.