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Our Efforts to Curb Fraud and Plagiarism ?” Best NFT Marketplace

by solis market - 19 Jul 2022, Tuesday 357 Views Like (0)
Our Efforts to Curb Fraud and Plagiarism ?” Best NFT Marketplace

Let me share my thoughts on OpenSea’s efforts to protect against fraud, IP infringement, and plagiarism. OpenSea feels a great responsibility to make sure our users are secure and provide the best, most inclusive access to the  Best NFT Marketplace ecosystem.

Our core focus areas are trust, safety, customer experience, and safety. We started with clear user guidelines and policies in our Terms and Conditions. These Terms are the foundation for OpenSea and provide a guideline for the community and wider ecosystem. However, not all NFT markets follow the same rules.

Our Terms prohibit plagiarism, IP infringement, and theft. Comprehensive policies won't suffice at this scale. We pair them with systems, both human-led and product-driven, that are able to evolve with the NFT ecosystem.

Product and Tech Solutions

We've created a few important technical systems in the first half of this year that allows us to encourage authentic content and decrease fraudulent content.

  • A new verification method was launched recently. It identifies authentic accounts more prominently and allows for content to be verified. This prevents scammers and makes it easier for fans to find the content they are looking for. We plan to expand the verification system to other creators over the next few months.
  • Our fraud prevention system is one of the most advanced spam and fraud reduction tools we have ever created. It scans NFTs using image recognition technology and identifies duplicates. This includes flips, rotations, and other permutations. It has removed many copayments since launch. We are currently scaling the system to stop new instances of copyminting from OpenSea ( ), though they will still exist publicly on the blockchain.
  • We are constantly improving search functionality so people can find authentic content. This is done by making badged and highly-visited collections more searchable (when multiple candidates have the same name), and drinking suspicious activity collections.

These are just a few of the latest systems that we have added to our arsenal. But they're not the end of our Trust and Safety efforts. We have also made product improvements that will help our teams work more efficiently and allow users to take immediate action when problems arise.

  • In Product Reporting - Our Trust and Safety team monitors the system 24/7 to identify suspicious items.
  • Account Compromise tool -we created a self-help account compromise instrument so that in the case of a wallet compromise, users could prevent NFTs from being listed via the OpenSea interface.
  • Proactive Account Suspensions - We prevent bad actors from using our services.
  • Smart Moderation Tool - we've created smart moderation tools that review and take action against problematic collections.

Human-Led Enforcement Moderation

We have also made significant investments in human-led systems through our Customer Support, Trust, and Safety teams. This and other key metrics have been a success.

  • We have increased the number of employees to over 200 in the first half year.
  • We've experienced a mean time to first respond of 24 hours in May alone.
  • We have created a simple-to-follow DMCA/IP takedown process as well as a proactive takedown procedure over the past year. We had a mean time to first respond 12 hours in May.
  • We are proud to offer 24/7 support on as well as Discord starting March
  • now offer support via Twitter DMs as of this week. This is in addition to Discord and our Help Center.

We are continuing our work in Customer Support and Trust and Safety. To support this progress, we have made senior hires in Ops, Engineering, Product, and Moderation to make us more strategic in our response and enforcement.

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