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Possible Causes and Solutions for Quickbooks Error 6143

by Josh Halton - 17 Aug 2022, Wednesday 225 Views Like (0)
Possible Causes and Solutions for Quickbooks Error 6143

QuickBooks is a robust online application used popularly worldwide by business companies to manage their financial works. The application comes with multiple benefits and components which add to its benefits. However, the user might come across issues while dealing with company files like QuickBooks Error 6143.

This error arises when the user tries to Verify and Rebuild the data due to a fault in the company file which can eventually lead to unexpected problems in the application including the deletion of crucial files.

Follow this blog to learn in detail about this error. In case of additional support, contact our professional team.

Possible Factors Triggering the 6143 Error in QuickBooks

There could be multiple factors behind the 6143 error in QuickBooksincluding

  1. Damaged Company File: The company file is either corrupted or damaged leading to inaccessibility of the folder, eventually creating major issues in the system.
  2. Verify/Rebuild Data: Using Verify and Rebuild feature to fix the fault in the companyfile can eventually lead to a 6143 error.
  3. Incorrect Nomenclature: If the company file name contains more than the required characters and unnecessary spaces, it can damage the company file.
  4. Outdated QuickBooks Application: If the application used by the user is of an older version, it can result in unexpected problems.

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Fixing the Company File Error in QuickBooks Desktop

To fix the company file error in QuickBooks Desktop, we have enlisted and elaborated a few full-proof methods.

Solution 1: Rename the Company File

  • Log out of QuickBooks from all the workstations and navigate to the QuickBooks Installation folder in the C-drive.
  • Search for the company file in the QuickBooks Installation folder and click right. Select the Renamed option.
  • Remove any extra space or characters added in the name and save the new name without changing the .QBW extension.

Solution 2: Access Company File from the Local Storage

  • If you have saved the company file on some other device, then copy the company file to the same device where you are accessing the QuickBooks application.
  • Open the company file in the QuickBooks Installation folder of the C-drive.
  • Copy the company file by right-clicking on the folder or pressing Control+ C and pasting it into an external USB flash drive.
  • Then paste the company file in the QuickBooks installation folder or on the desktop of the system you were earlier working on. Now try accessing the company file from this location.

Solution 3: Use QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Open the QuickBooks file doctor tool and from the left panel select Company File Issues.
  • From the list, browse and search for your company file. Click on “Continue” and enter the correct login ID and password.
  • Click on Quick Fix My Program Tool and wait for the File Doctor Program to fix the issue automatically.

Summing Up

QuickBooks Error 6143 is a company file error, which if not gets fixed soon, might damage the program files and eventually lead to the deletion of the crucial files. However, we have illustrated the troubleshooting methods to fix this issue in the system. In case of additional assistance, you can dial +1 800-579-9430 for a satisfactory response.

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