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Predictive Hiring Through Personality Assessment Can Benefit Organisations

by The Anna Centre - 26 Apr 2022, Tuesday 138 Views Like (0)
Predictive Hiring Through Personality Assessment Can Benefit Organisations

Gone are the days when a well-written CV and a highly confident face were full stop to the best hiring strategies. With time, personal introspections or personality assessments have superseded the old-school hiring terminologies and revamped the game plan of recruitment. Organisations that are still stuck to CV and PI as the decision-maker have reached the limits of bad hires and high company turnovers.

The importance of predictive hiring 

When a company hires a bad employee, it negatively impacts the business and resources. Therefore, hiring based on a CV should not be the ideal course. Apart from education, experience, and skills, there are many important things that play a direct role in the better functioning of an organisation. The recruiter needs to predict the future success of the candidate to make the recruitment decision more legitimate and successful. 

The process involves creating an evidence-based plan for talent acquisition. But the plan only works when it has utilisation of predictive technology. The AI-based technology helps companies identify the best talent from the pool and bring their talent into the right utilisation. 

Personality as a predictive factor for candidate hiring 

A person is all about his/her personality. Thus, personality plays a huge role in predicting the candidate’s behavior and work tendency in the long run. The behavioural characteristics allow employers/recruiters to understand whether the candidate will be able to adhere to the company work culture or not. 

Personality traits assessments are the best methods over the traditional screening process to test the personality. The assessments help employees gain insights and information about the candidate improves the selection procedure.

The reasons to consider personality assessments for hiring

Has a data-driven approach

Personality assessment is the assessment of traits. Recruiters have an in-depth insight into how the candidates will behave in the organisation or whether or not they will be a perfect fit for the company culture. The gained data through personality assessment help identify the right candidate and thus improve the overall organisational productivity. 

Moreover, compared to CV, the assessment is an insight into personal traits like alertness, ability, leadership, orientation, creativity, reliance, problem-solving, abstract thinking, and cooperation. In a CV, a candidate can put n-number of good traits and in-act them in-person. But the personality assessment only brings who they are from inside. 

  • Helps assess the right personality of the candidate

A personality assessment designed according to the job categories or niche help in better assessing the right personality of candidates. Here, one size fits all doesn’t work, and the assessment work individually for a particular field or niche; hence, the success chances are greater. 

  • Improves work quality and retention

When a company hires well-assessed candidates, the chance of better retention goes higher. Moreover, the right hire improves the work quality and reduces turnover. But finding out whether the candidate is a perfect fit for the company requires many factors to be judged. Some of the factors that play a vital role in personality assessments are curiosity, learning ability, ambition, initiative-taking, collaboration skills, motivation, critical and rational thinking abilities, and comprehension. 

  • Adheres to top-funnel screening approach 

The top funnel screening approach here defines the identification of the right candidates based on their personal traits first. This shortlists the right candidates from the pool and allows further shortlisting based on skill assessments, cognitive skill tests, and face-to-face interviews. 

  • Supports evidence-based hiring and defensibility

Devising personality-based assessments for recruitment increases the legal defensibility of the process. With the use of this evidence-based predictive recruitment technology, you prove scientific validation for your hiring methods. You will be able to counter the companies and organisations which point fingers at the recruitment process. 

Is personality assessment worth the value?

Yes, in a broader spectrum, personality assessments are worth the value. With a well-planned assessment, the objective of hiring can be easily achieved. Moreover, it helps reduce gender, race, or ethnicity discrimination and provides great insight into recruitment. Therefore, organisations should deploy personal trait assessments in their recruitment plan so that they get the best candidates. 

How successful is it in job prediction? 

Personality is all about psychological traits and temperaments. The assessment helps judge the psychological traits and temperament in favour of companies or organisations. Therefore, evaluation of this major factor is very important. Consequently, it would not be wrong to say that the personality assessment does help in making successful job predictions. 


The conclusion

If an organisation aims to hire candidates for better work quality and retention, they will have to deploy a comprehensive assessment process to predict the accurate nature of candidates. Therefore, selecting a candidate based on his skills and achievements has never sufficed. 

Organisations will have to find candidates who celebrate their work and enjoy their trade. This can only be done with a comprehensive and well-planned personal trait assessment process.