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Signs of Poor Roof Ventilation and How to Fix It | Akron Roofing

by christie Callihoo - 25 Aug 2022, Thursday 119 Views Like (0)
Signs of Poor Roof Ventilation and How to Fix It | Akron Roofing

You have reached here because your roof may have noticed mould taking over your attic or your roof may have sagged from the outside. Such a situation requires a remedy. These signs are a clear indication that your roof has some problems. You need to get to the bottom of the issue and find out the reason. Most mould and rotting of wood occurs due to leaks in the roof. 

Another reason could be inappropriate roof ventilation. If thereís a problem with any of the things in your home, you should know about it and the steps you can take to resolve it with the help of a qualified Calgary roofing contractor.

Some signs of poor roof ventilation and steps to fix them are listed below.

Roof Ventilation And Its Importance?

Roof ventilation is a system of exhaustion and intake outlets for air circulation. The roof ventilation system provides a nice and comfortable environment inside the house. Without a roof ventilation system, hot air may not get ventilated and cause tons of problems.

It makes it difficult to keep your house cool during hot summer days. Moreover, hot air does not always come along but brings moisture with it. The presence of moisture causes mildew and mold which can be a great problem. So, roof ventilation is the only solution to this problem.

Signs Of Poor Roof Ventilation


When hot and humid air gets trapped in the attic, moisture causes mold to grow. If you have proper ventilation, hot and humid air will never get stuck in the attic and cause problems. If you notice signs of mildew and mold, then it can be the cause of poor ventilation or leaks.

Discoloration In The Attic

Discoloration in the attic looks very similar to mold. But sometimes, you may be able to tell the difference between the two when you have to get your entire roof replaced instead of a few wooden boards.

As soon as you notice a dark black satin in the attic it should be get inspected as early as possible. Ignoring this sign can cause you to invest lots of money in your roof.

Roof Sagging

When you look at your shingles precisely and notice wave-like lines instead of straight cross lines, then there is water damage underneath the singles. This is a sign of serious issues that need to be addressed as early as possible.

Roof sagging can be a cause of roof leaks, improper ventilation, or both. So, it is important to call a professional to determine the cause of roof sagging.

Loose Shingles

Poor isolation can damage the roof and cause the wooden decking on it to divide into layers. This process causes the board to become very smooth, making it difficult for the shingles to stick. If you notice loose shingles, call a professional to determine the cause of it and seek professional assistance.

Issues With Your Heating And Cooling System

You may notice that your house may not get warm and cold efficiently while facing ventilation issues. You may notice that some areas of your house are warmer or cooler than others.

This may be caused by inadequate intake and exhaust of air through air circulators. The cause of this issue is the use of a very small cooling or heating system compared to the size of your home or an outdated one. If this is not the case, then it's definitely due to poor ventilation.

How To Fix Issues

The best way to fix the issue of poor roof ventilation is to hire a professional company to do the job. You should hire a trusted company because roof DIYs are not very easy. They can cost you even more if they go wrong. The professionals may check your roof to investigate how far the roof has been damaged and then fix it. 

If the professionals notice the start of discolouring in the attic, then you are very lucky. Because knowing it beforehand not only allows them to fix it but also makes your roof last longer. The addition of additional vents to solve the problems can be very beneficial.

Install Intake Vents

It is very important to get exhaust vents installed to filter out humid and hot air from your attic. But, intake vents are also equally important because they allow cool air to enter to provide a peaceful environment. If intake vents are not installed, you may face the same issues again. So itís necessary to ask your contractor to service your entire ventilation system.


Poor roof ventilation may put your ease at threat. Not only does a poor ventilation system causes a change in the temperature of the house and inefficient ventilation, but it also poses a threat to your roof. Poor ventilation can loosen your shingles, cause discolouration of the attic, roof sagging, and many other issues. If you donít address these issues timely, you may have to get your entire emergency roof repair or replaced roof replaced.