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Simple Tips to Avoid Pre-receival Advice Rejection

by Impex Docs - 25 Aug 2022, Thursday 239 Views Like (0)
Simple Tips to Avoid Pre-receival Advice Rejection

Communication between the exporters and the stevedores becomes imminent for the smooth transition of export goods. PRA is indeed a notification that the stevedores receive for loading and unloading of the consignment. Unquestionably, it is the process that influences cargo acceptance. That is why you need pre-receival advice well in advance.

Even if there is a delay in notifying the stevedores of this information, it will result in a futile trip. Moreover, the cost involved in container detention is huge. In fact, you can avoid such incidents by following the below-listed steps.

Common Mistakes in PRA that Lead to Rejection

Here is a list of the most common mistakes which result in rejection of PRA.

Incorrect Information about the Container:

This is the major reason why the rejection happens. Firstly, you need to fill in a lot of details about the container to get the PRA. Secondly, organising all the information is indeed a daunting task. Lastly, filling in the accurate data becomes mandatory.

Some of these details include the container number, container type as well as the containerís gross weight. If there is any difference in the information, it may lead to rejection. Organise all the information and verify it multiple times.

Key in or fill in the details. Check the details once again to ensure accuracy. Check for correctness in digits and numbers as well.

The gross weight of the container includes the following:

  • The weight of the goods that are set to export
  • If there is any packaging, then the weight of that too
  • The weight of the container alone

The container also has the container number to identify it. It has the following details:

  • The name of the exporter
  • The home or business address of the exporter
  • The date of declaration

Missing or Incorrect Contact Details:

Wrong information in this regard may also lead to penalties. In addition to it, there may be a problem with weight declaration too. Besides that, rejection is inevitable in these cases.

You must fill in the correct contact details. This is one of the reasons, the exporters shall connect with specialised agencies. It is a mandate that you mention the name and contact details of the person who is incharge of the export activity. Many times, the exporters miss out on the email address.

Not Maintaining Proper Communication Channel:

Pre-recieval Advice is an ongoing process if you are a frequent exporter. Manual filling of the form is fine, but it is prone to mistakes. Use digital tools to file PRA. These tools help save the previous PRAs for future reference. You may use the earlier used details (wherever applicable), if you are connecting with the same terminal.

This not only saves time but also helps you execute the PRA process with accuracy. Start the new communication with the same tool and populate the necessary information without the need to keying it again.

Tips for Hassle-free Pre-recieval Advice Acceptance

Keep in mind the below-mentioned ideas so as to have swift PRA acceptance.

Select a Reputable Freight Agent:

You may consider outsourcing this process by choosing the right freight agent. They will have all the necessary tools and software for the process. Further, the cloud bases solution requires no software to download too.

They are the experts and will spearhead the process to get the approval. As such the cost of detention is so high than employing such specialists for this process.
Ship Delicate Goods with Care:

You may export goods that may deteriorate with time and temperature - say, for example, fruits and vegetables. You may also give additional information in the PRA for the stevedores to be careful in placing it in the right place.

It shall help the goods stay intact throughout the time it reaches their destination. No one would like to use rotten goods, do you?

The following information is necessary for the proper shipment of goods.

  • Respiration of Fruits and Vegetables: The fruits or vegetables should respire by giving off Co2 and taking in O2. The storage disorders due to carbon dioxide emission are increasing in number. Therefore, mentioning such details can be of great help
  • Ethylene Emission: The fruits shall emit ethylene if they are ripening. If the emission is higher, the ripening process becomes faster. This may damage the fruit too.

Clearance of acceptance of goods is a mandatory process to export goods from Australia. Though, the need for EDN is of major requirement, getting PRA acceptance is equally significant.