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Sweetnight Dream Mix Mattress Is Worth Buying

by Patricia Stryker - 07 Oct 2022, Friday 331 Views Like (0)
Sweetnight Dream Mix Mattress Is Worth Buying

The fast-paced life, so we have developed a lot of sub-health glitches, coupled with the irregularity of young people's work and rest, rest is not good, always feel a little dazed state every day.

And to improve the problems caused by physical fatigue, the main thing is to sleep well, which has to say that we use everyday bedding, as I often stay up late, in order to improve the quality of sleep, I got this SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress.

I have always believed that the quality of big brands is reliable, so many similar brands on the market, I finally chose SweetNight. and this time, SweetNight did not let me down, SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress with technology combined with traditional to create, double-sided design, memory rebound, anti-mite, removable, etc. The SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress is made with technology combined with tradition, double-sided design, memory foam, anti-mite, removable, etc., and supports 101 days of free trial sleep, so you can buy worry-free (unsatisfied can be returned) and experience more comfortable.

So suitable for your home choice, maybe with the machine friend to see this mattress it.

Dreamy Hybrid Mattress

Just received a pleasant surprise, I have been worried about the size of 1.8 can not enter the elevator, good or bad into the home, I did not expect to receive is a rectangular folded after the package, inside and outside the package of multiple layers, appear compact. Weight of 50.8KG, a person carrying upstairs is still relatively laborious, but SweetNight provides professional delivery into the home and assistance in disassembly and use, although the simple mattress can be laid on, the big brand of after-sales service is still worthy of praise.

The mattress did vacuum pumping treatment, the whole rolled into a cylinder, but also to facilitate transportation and occupancy, the outer layer of precision protection to prevent scratches or damage from violent transportation. This design is really suitable for different elevator size, and portal size, no need to worry about hardware troubles when choosing.

Stretch out, tear open the outer plastic film, the internal memory foam mattress that began to absorb air expansion, which feels like it is not very comfortable to look at. Also comes with small accessories such as openers, environmental protection bags, and easy-to-tear protective film, there is no traditional bulky feeling, and how to operate is more convenient.

Just a few minutes to complete the internal suction, presenting a standard mattress of 2 meters long, 1.8 meters model, 0.23 meters high, and my new storage bed just right, strict and dense design, gray and white design, but also very with the home features of the room.

Although the weight reached 50.8kg, but if your home is a storage bed, you do not need to worry about too heavy family members can not lift the use. My daughter-in-law's 1.55m/92kg body shape can also be easily lifted. Here, the choice of storage bed is also better storage home seasonal clothing, bringing a more tidy bedroom.

Material is no longer as monotonous as the mattress on the market, thanks to SweetNight's harsh selection of materials, multi-layer material to create an exclusive mattress, the outer layer of Bekaert skin-friendly jacket, the inner layer of A-side soft and hard memory foam, B-side hard note bamboo charcoal sponge, protective liner set, independent pocket spring, sponge, mesh and other multi-layer stacked.

This visual sense is not very comfortable, the appearance of exquisite under the internal more material.

SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress with AB design, simply put, that is, double-sided can be used, the mattress as a whole presents a 2-stage structure, A side 3CM non-temperature gel memory foam, MDI material foam, showing a pure white color, with high-density resilience good characteristics, not affected by the temperature and other external environment use effect. Skin-friendly soft and comfortable, lying on the cotton-like contact feeling.

Whether it is vigorous, or lying down after getting up can slowly rebound back to the original state, which is also thanks to the A side of the memory foam using 40D density, surface hardness between 10-20F, 25% downward pressure between 50-60N, downward pressure on the body reaction force small force buffering effect is very good, pressure down completely no hard feeling, but also no spring of that discomfort rebound feeling.

Around the twin mattress also made a reinforced 7cm design, effective support for long-term do pressure edge brought about by the depression and deformation, greatly improving the service life of the mattress.

Is also more suitable for the curve of different parts of the human body, to maintain the force and comfort of each point, a long time a posture lying will not have back pain. Also more convenient for us to release a day of physical fatigue, bring better sleep quality. At the same time for women, good support, memory foam slow rebound package sense, very decompression.

Of course, if you are not used to the softer mattress, then you can also switch to side B. Side B is made of 4cm thick bamboo charcoal cotton, with the good breathability of bamboo charcoal sponge, microporous breathable also brings a strong adsorption, lying not stuffy more close to the body. The surface is also made of nine independent pocket spring support design, soft with hard, for the spine is not good for the people more suitable.

AB side of the switch is very simple, the operation is very simple, a person can be done, in front of the mattress has a closed zipper design, just pull the zipper to separate the AB side of the mattress and spring base, flip the mattress, pull the zipper to complete the switch.

B surface hard but not stiff, nine independent pocket spring split design, more ergonomic, different areas to provide different bearing capacity, fit different parts, the force does not affect each other, different areas of the spring operates separately expansion, quiet anti-interference, turning over in the middle of the night to get up does not affect the partner. Spine comfort support for the spine is particularly suitable for people with a bad spine, I think more suitable for middle-aged people, the use of the elderly, for the current sedentary young people is also more suitable, easy to sleep without the burden on the body, without tossing and turning the uncomfortable feeling of lying for a long time.


Stepping pressure is also more soothing, resilience is very good. Of course, the use is also in line with the use of all people, mainly depending on the comfort of personal use. For the family that has children, often like to play in bed, the B side of the hardness is also particularly suitable, lying in bed to read books and so on are very gentle, with no memory foam kind of sunken feeling.

For the mattress cleaning, this time SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress also did consider the very received.

First of all, from the material, the contact surface with the human body using Swiss Shaningtai antibacterial anti-mite technology, antibacterial anti-mite rate of more than 99%, the inner liner can also do physical anti-mite, double anti-mite to avoid mite breeding, healthier use of the mattress.

Second, the cover is removable, for long-term use, you can directly pull the zipper to remove the bed cover, and support direct machine washing. Preferred Belgian Bekaert imported fabric can also do many times to remove and wash without pilling, does not reduce the fabric itself moisture absorption and perspiration, to maintain good breathability.

The SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress itself supports direct use without padding, and if you want to be durable and resistant to dirt, then you can also use it with a bed sheet. The current early May, the temperature has been hovering at 20 degrees Celsius, In my personal experience, do not need to lay a thick mattress can also be a lasting temperature lock, and I previously laid a quilt to use better than comfortable.

Write in the end

The mattress is the most contact time with us everyday supplies, but also to ensure that we can have a good night's sleep, as long-term use of bedding, the general use of the life of more than 5 years, so the machine friend recommended that we choose to choose the right one for themselves, there is no need to pick a cheap random.

SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress selected imported materials, professional certification, AB design, double-sided to bring a different sense of hard and soft use, ergonomic design, fit the human body curve, multi-point support, memory rebound, buy a mattress also send a pair of memory foam sleep pillow, easy and comfortable to bring you a good dream sleep, the price is now active pre-sale to hand $ 503, and the traditional mattress price is not comparable.

At present, the manufacturer also provides 101 days of trial sleep, in 101 days are not satisfied with no reason to return the goods, so what is not satisfied with the after-sales? If you are also choosing a mattress, you may want to try it.