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Tackle Quickbooks Error 6130 With Some Simple Solutions

by mark williams - 03 May 2022, Tuesday 92 Views Like (0)
Tackle Quickbooks Error 6130 With Some Simple Solutions

Whenever you get stuck with the QuickBooks error 6130, you encounter a trigger warning that states, “ QuickBooks is trying to access the company file but cannot contact the database server”. You mainly face the issue when you attempt to run your QuickBooks company file. As a result, we have curated this detailed blog that will make you understand the most crucial information about the same such as some reasons and two fixing methods. For an in-depth insight, give this article a complete read. 

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Why Do I Come Across the QuickBooks Desktop Error Code 6130? 

To know which factors affect the problem, take a look at the following pointers- 

  1. 1.You are currently using an outdated version of your QuickBooks Desktop, and hence the error comes up.
  2. 2.One of the other reasons might be the damaged or corrupted QuickBooks Desktop.

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How Can I Debug the QuickBooks Data File Error Message 6130? 

Go through this section of the blog and learn the most appropriate ways of resolving the issue- 

SOLUTION 1: Backup Your QuickBooks After Updating It

  1. 1.Check if the QuickBooks application is in use or not. If yes, close it. 
  2. 2.Start the update process by looking for the QuickBooks icon on your desktop.
  3. 3.After that, right-click on the icon and then select the ‘Run as Administrator’ option. 
  4. 4.To get redirected to the No Company Open window, keep pressing the ‘Ctrl’ key and click twice on the QuickBooks icon altogether. 
  5. 5.Choose the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ option from the ‘Help’ menu.
  6. 6.Now, proceed towards the ‘Options’ tab. 
  7. 7.Under the menu, click ‘Mark All’ and then ‘Save’.
  8. 8.Move to the ‘Update Now’ checkbox to enable the ‘Reset Update’ checkbox. 
  9. 9.Opt for the ‘Get Updates’ option and exit QuickBooks once the download finishes.
  10. 10.Next, restart the QuickBooks software and finish installing the updates.
  11. 11.In the final step, you must relaunch your computer device and backup your QuickBooks.

SOLUTION 2: Use Quick Fix My File From the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  1. 1.Make sure you close all the running applications on your desktop.
  2. 2.Next, open the internet browser and go to Intuit’s website. 
  3. 3.Check for the latest version of the QuickBooks Tool Hub and download it. 
  4. 4.Now, save the ‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’ file to a convenient location.
  5. 5.After that, run the downloaded file and start the installation process. 
  6. 6.As you move forward, follow all the prompted instructions displayed on the screen and then accept the terms and conditions.
  7. 7.Once installed, run the tool hub application.
  8. 8.Next, click on the ‘Company File Issues’ menu and then hit the ‘Quick Fix my File’ tool.
  9. 9.After the scan process finishes, tap on the ‘OK’ button.
  10. 10.At last, run the QuickBooks Desktop and attempt to access the company file.

We hope you must have understood how to fix the QuickBooks error 6130 correctly. If, apart from this, you require any further help, do not hesitate to have a conversation with the team of professionals via Toll-Free 1.855.738.2784.