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Things to Know About Preventive Maintenance Service for Industrial Robots?

by christie Callihoo - 13 Jun 2022, Monday 438 Views Like (0)
Things to Know About Preventive Maintenance Service for Industrial Robots?

Many industries and plants nowadays are using robot machines. Instead of manual-based machines that require working staff supervision. 

But what most of the industry workers and management have no clear idea about is how to maintain these industrial robots? What is the proper way of checkups? What are the best industrial oil filtration systems for your robot machine? 

Thus, in this article, we will be helping you to know everything about preventive maintenance services for industrial robots to bring up many benefits to your business. 

let's start without further delay. 

Robot And Lubrication?  

First of all, we need to share with you some facts about robotic machines and their lubrication. Yes, robot machines require a lubrication routine. 

But unlike the regular lubrication technique, a robot requires a spray grease system. This unique technique helped the robotic manufacturing company overcome its Bull Gears challenges. 

Since these fine-tune spray duration and frequencies are the best for bull gears on a welding robot.

Therefore, no matter what machine you have, whether regular or robot, all of them need lubrication to effectively perform tasks. It is not only important for daily operation. 

But it's also a necessary preventative upkeep practice that'll assist your operation both in the long and short term. 

What Exactly Is The Preventative Upkeep Routine? 

After knowing about robot machine lubrication, now we must dive deep and elaborate more on preventative maintenance of industrial robot machines. 

The uniqueness of robot machines is that they have a specific maintenance routine. It helps expand the life of robotic gear through painting, lubrication, adjusting, cleaning, and minor part replacements. 

Because this maintenance outline uses testing, systematic inspections, and pre-planned upkeep activities to prevent any problems that may arise. Most importantly to keep breakdowns and decline to the minimum level.

Your Check-List For Preventive Maintenance: 

Every robot machine has its maintenance schedule, there are considerable different maintenance objects you’ll want to account for during your routine maintenance.

Here is a general maintenance checklist you can focus on when initiating it:

  • Make sure the controller memory is backed up
  • You must inspect brake operation and teach the pendant.
  • Don't forget to check over travel machine limits.
  • You must also observe the robot in movement, examining the robot harness, and cables.
  • Check robot repeatability and listen for excessive audible vibration or noise. 
  • All external bolts need to be tightened up. Also, be aware of defective seals and grease/oil leakage, and try to fix them asap. 
  • Ensure chips and debris are cleaned as per standard requirements. Apply grease on joints, bushing, and balancer housing to help efficient performance. 
  • And before finishing up check the controller lines, cable links, power suppliers, and safeness gear; replace them if necessary. Plus test batteries in the controller and robot arm; replace if required. 
  • Lastly, clean up vents and cooling fans with compressed air; replace filters if it's needed, and make sure to clean up light curtains and sensors so that everything can work smoothly. 

This was your checklist if you are familiar with DIY maintaining robot machines. But if you are not then, the best thing to do is get an expert. 

Expert oil filtration system providers have the right experience and tools to help you indicate issues within your machine. And they are going to use the right oil purification systems to extend the performance. This expert preventive maintenance will extend the life service of your equipment. 

What Are The Benefits Of Robotic Maintenance Routine: 

You must be wondering what are the benefits of a robot machine upkeeping routine, unlike the regular maintenance schedule. 

Firstly, you need to know that as we have mentioned earlier that each robot is unique. This means they will need a different type of maintenance plan. 

Then, keep in mind that, the biggest reason for robots breaking down is wear and tear. Your robot machine needs preventive maintenance to prevent these issues from happening for several years.

Moreover, by the prevention of breakdowns, your business productivity and quality will be leveled up. Also, expenses will get reduced by protecting assets. 

This means that robotic gears will last longer, eliminating the factor of spending money on replacing robot kits and tools year after year.

Thus with an increased life span, your industry robots will prove to be well worth the investment for factories and plants.

The Bottom line 

Every type of machine requires a specific method of maintenance that ensures longevity. And to keep up with your machine's efficient performance. 

It's the same when it comes to maintaining your robotic equipment and tools. You must mind the proper way of retaining the right lubrication and oil filter systems. 

And if you have no clue, you must hire the reliable and best oil analysis inspector company. They will give you the ease of mind by doing it with the right tools and experience.