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Things to Try if You Are Locked Out of Your House

by John Carter - 10 Oct 2022, Monday 392 Views Like (0)
Things to Try if You Are Locked Out of Your House

Keeping the house secure from every angle is a top priority for most people, but they forget the opposite situation of getting locked out of the house. Being locked out of your home can be stressful. Regardless of being careful, there is always the chance that you will be locked out of your home. Whether your keys have been misplaced or you have a broken lock, it is a frustrating and worrisome experience. And most importantly, residential lockouts can happen anytime, during heavy rainfall or even at midnight. However, getting frustrated at this time won't help you as there are a few things you can try to get back inside the house. Some of them are:

1- Look for a Spare Key

After locking yourself out of your home, check if someone left a spare key around the main door. The best areas to check are window sills, flower pots, or artificial rocks in your backyard, as they can be a perfect place to hide a spare key to be used in an emergency. If your family works nearby, call them and ask if they can bring the spare key to you. If you live in a rented home, the best person to contact is the landlord. They have extra keys which can open the door, saving you from the hassle of calling someone to help. You can also hire an emergency locksmith for spare keys to avoid such situations.

2- Check the Back Door or Any Open Window

If the spare key option doesn't work, you can check for any open window or door to get inside your house. Though an unlocked window or backdoor makes things easier for thieves, it is also helpful in bad situations. Hence, checking every door and window for possible entry is a good idea if you have locked yourself out. In some cases, people forget to lock certain windows or doors. And if by any chance a window is open and has enough space for you to get inside, you may be able to save yourself and don't have to wait for any help.

3- Try Picking your Lock with Simple Methods

 Although an emergency locksmith sounds perfect for gaining entry back inside the house, simple DIY tricks can also work perfectly for you. Some of them are:

  • Credit Card

DIY tricks are very simple, which is why many people think anyone can break in using them. Though they won't work on advanced security technologies. A credit card or any other similar-looking plastic card is the best option to open the door. First, you will have to slide the card between the frames. Then bend it away from the doorknob and release the latch. This will open your door but will also damage the lock or the credit card. This technique only works with standard locks and fails badly if there is a deadbolt lock. However, if you have managed to break in, you should change the lock.

  • Wire Hanger

If there is a visible gap on either side of the door, use a wire hanger and try to open it by pulling the lock. This is also a low-level security method without a key and only works on standard doors. However, if you don't have room for the hanger to move inside, you must avoid it.

4- Breaking Inside with Brute Force

If you have tried everything and nothing has worked, the only option left for you is to break inside. Although, this should be done if you don't have an emergency locksmith available in your area. There are several ways to break into a home. One option is to kick the door; if you are strong enough, this may be the way to go. However, this will damage your door and, in some cases, it will need a replacement.

5- Hire a Professional Locksmith

If you want to prevent damage to the door and lock, the best option available is to call an emergency locksmith. However, be prepared to pay a certain amount of money, depending on the type of lock, your area, and what time of emergency. Locksmiths may charge a little more to help you out in the early hours of the morning. Get a recommendation from someone for hiring the best locksmith, but if none of your friends can provide a recommendation, try searching online. Before hiring one, ensure the locksmith is certified, licensed, and professional with his work.

Residential lockouts are unpleasant and can be very dangerous, depending on when they happen. At this time, getting panicked won't change your situation. You can always try different things for possible entry inside your house. The question is how fast and how much it costs. Take precautions now to save time and avoid the frustration of a lockout. The best tip is to stash a spare key at your safety point to enter your house in case of a lockout.