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Tips To Take Care Of Your Septic Tank

by christie Callihoo - 06 Jul 2022, Wednesday 430 Views Like (0)
Tips To Take Care Of Your Septic Tank

Just like the maintenance of other household equipment, your septic system also requires lots of care and maintenance. Having a maintenance routine for your septic system will save it from damage also, you can save its repairing cost with timely maintenance.

Taking care of the septic tank is not a difficult task if you focus on the drainage activities of your house. Therefore, with little care about waste materials that are sent into your septic tank, you can save your effort and your tank life.

Furthermore, you can take good care of your septic system if you understand its structure. The structure of a septic field system contains a tank and some pipes which are connected with the tank and with each other. Also, the pipes have some curves where elbow pipes are used to attach the pipes. 

After understanding the structure, it's easy to identify whether the garbage or waste we throw in the pipeline of our house will move through the pipes of the septic tank or not. Once you control throwing extra waste material in the tank you have saved half of your maintenance issues. Also, you can ask your septic tank installation expert to guide you on the maintenance techniques. Some tips are mentioned below to help you protect your septic field.

Things You Should Take Care About

Avoid Pouring Grease In Drain

Do not let grease enter the pipelines of your septic field. The grease can clog the drain field as it will not let the waste material pass through the pipelines. Besides that, grease act as a strong barrier between the liquids and solid of the septic field. Hence, it prevents the soil from absorbing the liquids causing the pipeline's blockage occurs. To take good care of the septic tank avoid throwing grease and other oily liquids into the drain.


Keep Check On Kitchen Drainage

To maintain a good quality septic tank keep an eye on the drain of your kitchen. There are numerous food and other items which are sent to the septic tank instead of throwing them into the garbage. Moreover, these items take too long to get dissolved or break in the water, till then they remain in the septic tank and cause blockage.  Consequently, you will need to call septic tank cleaning and repair staff or do it on your own.

Avoid Throwing Hard Materials In Toilet

Do not throw any hard material such as shopping bags, plastic sheets, plastic packets, or any other unsolvable things into your toilet. These materials become a cause of clogged drains and can affect the drainage system of your house.

Avoid Pouring Hot Tub Water In the Septic tank 

By pouring hot water into the septic tank the septic field can be destroyed. Also, the septic tank cannot bear too much water pressure so it can get damaged due to plenty of water. Furthermore, hot water can kill bacteria which is important to destroy the waste materials.

Inspect Septic Field Every Week

A routine inspection of the septic tank can be done to check there is no leakage or blockage in the tank. The septic inspection team should be called every 3 months to check the septic field from the inside. If you are unable to inspect the septic tank then you will need to call the septic repairing team more often. Hence, it is important to keep a check on the blockage and leakage of the tank on monthly basis.

Follow A Pumping Routine

It is crucial to pump the septic tank after every 3 or 4 days. Although you would need to pump your tank more frequently if more members live in the house. But, a good pumping routine is essential to keep the tank in good condition otherwise, it will cause blockage and will require extreme repairing or installing a new septic field.

Keep Soakage Area Clean

Your drain field should not get filled all the time, hence the water in your soakage should get averted. There should be no mess in the soakage area it can only have a glass or small plants to avoid water blockage. The soakage area should not get more pressure, so, you should not place heavy objects on the soakage area of your septic field. Therefore, keeping the soakage area clean is crucial to protect the pipelines of the septic field.

Sum Up

By taking more care of your septic field it will last for a long time; otherwise, you might need to dig a new septic tank after a year. Good drainage habits of house owners can improve the functionality of the septic tank. The house owner should also keep inspecting the blockage and leakage of septic tank pipes to check if repair is required. The drainage can get blocked with hard materials such as plastic, packets, bags, and other hard components. Hence, it's recommended to avoid throwing any waste in the drainage to avoid septic blockage.