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Top 7 Boiler Maintenance Tips | Dunn Rite Plumbing & Gas

by christie Callihoo - 25 Aug 2022, Thursday 225 Views Like (0)
Top 7 Boiler Maintenance Tips | Dunn Rite Plumbing & Gas

A boiler is one of the most sophisticated systems in a household that needs significant maintenance to perform at optimum conditions. An ill-maintained boiler does not only malfunction; it can also be highly dangerous. 

Professional boiler repair technicians in Edmonton can help you with this process of repairing and maintaining different types of boilers. Since it is a complex process, you should not try to do it yourself and rely on professional maintenance.

Nevertheless, there are some basic tips that you should follow to keep the boiler in the best working condition until you are able to hire professionals to do it. 

  1. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Boilers require significant space and ventilation to function properly. A lot of people use boiler rooms as a space for additional storage. You can do it but only as long as it is not disrupting the ventilation system of the boiler. 

Donít put any objects such as clothing items over the boiler and make sure there is a significant space between the boiler and the wall. Placing the boiler in a suitable location is important, so you should be relying on experts for boiler installation as well. 

  1. Inspect Insulation

Improper insulation of the boiler will result in heat escaping from the boiler. It will bring a significant reduction in the boilerís effectiveness and productivity. Therefore, you should make sure that the insulation around the boiler is well-maintained and that there are no cracks or chips in it. 

  1. Sufficient Water Pressure

Water pressure in the boiler is critical to keep the hot water circulating in the pipes and radiators. Therefore, it is important to examine the pressure gauge and ensure that the water pressure is maintained at a suitable level. 

Generally, it is easy to adjust the water pressure. However, if you are not familiar with the optimum level of pressure required by the boiler, you may face some issues. The exact level can vary from boiler to boiler, so you should check it from the manual of your boiler or hire professional boiler repair services in Edmonton

  1. Take Care Of The Radiators 

The air gets trapped in the radiators over time. These air pockets reduce the working capacity of the radiators and can cause cold patches to form due to an unequal distribution of heat.

The best way to get rid of the air pockets is by bleeding the radiator. It simply means that you have to open a valve to let the air escape. Make sure that the valve is tight, but once you make it loose too much, it will shoot a lot of water.

  1. Turn On The Heat Regularly

Regular maintenance of the boilers is important to make sure you do not run into any severe boiler issues in the first place. Otherwise, repairing complex boiler problems can be quite expensive and time-consuming. 

To make sure that the boiler is working at its maximum efficiency, you should turn it off for a few minutes at least once a month and turn it back on. It will help you in making sure the boiler is working properly, and you can detect any issue early before it turns into a major problem.

  1. Beware Of The Warning Signs

Certain warning signs indicate that there is a problem with your boiler. Some of the most common signs are:

  • Strange noises such as excessive whistling and banging. 
  • Continuous leaking and dripping from the pipes. 
  • Unequal heating throughout the house. 
  • The boiler system turns off and on by itself. 

If you are facing any of these issues, you should contact a professional boiler repair and maintenance company like Dunn Rite Plumbing & Gas as it has the experience, skills, and knowledge required to fix all types of issues in a boiler and maintain it as per the best standards. 

  1. The Importance of Lagging

There is a high risk of pipes freezing and bursting during the winter months. If this happens, you will have to spend a lot of time and money to get the pipes replaced and properly installed again. 

Therefore, you should focus on preventing such severe issues in the first place. One of the best ways to do it is by relying on boiler repair and maintenance services for regular maintenance of the boilers. 


Many things can go wrong with a boiler, mainly because it is a sophisticated system that has many different components working together to perform the important functions of heating your property. 

Regular maintenance of the boiler is the key to getting the best results from them. You should not wait for something to go wrong with your boiler. Instead, you should be relying on professionals for pre-emptive care and maintenance. 

Ultimately, professional boiler technicians can thoroughly inspect your boiler and fix all types of issues to ensure the boiler keeps working to keep your house warm and cozy.