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Top Google Search Easter Eggs, From Do a Barrel Roll to Kevin Bacon

by arjun aatri - 22 May 2022, Sunday 341 Views Like (0)
Top Google Search Easter Eggs, From Do a Barrel Roll to Kevin Bacon

Google deserves kudos for including warm, human touches such as daily homepage doodles or abundant Easter eggs in its search engine. As we share our top jokes and bonus Google search results, join New Atlas.

To achieve the same effect, you can also use "zz" and "rr". This is Star Fox, a Nintendo video game where the button combinations on the controller caused the pilot of the Star Fox character to go a-rolling.

In today's world, you may be faced with an unwise decision and an iPhone to flip. Don't do it! Google can flip a virtual currency, complete with animations and heads-or tails results. Search "flip a coin"

You can also enter "roll the die" to have Google randomly choose a number between 1-6. It is not as easy as flipping a coin. However, it can be used if you are familiar with single-die games.

Do A Barell Roll

You can download the Google traditional games in either an app or browser if you are desperate for a mobile gaming experience.

You can search for "Solitaire" and "tic-tac-toe" on Google. You can play the former with a friend, or against a bot at different levels of difficulty.

Zerg Rush

Although the game StarCraft is the inspiration for "Zerg Rush", it's a well-known trope. This refers to an instance in which you are surrounded by weak opponents who are easy enough to kill but threaten to suffocate you with their sheer volume.

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is a classic single-player paddle game. It is easy to learn and accessible through Google.

You can search for "Atari breakout" by doing a Google image search. You can destroy the images by bouncing a ball against them using your paddle.


You can search "Pac-Man", and you'll find a chance to go back to a favourite homepage doodle that was created on May 21, 2010, which is the 30th anniversary of this arcade classic. You can play the full version with the arrow keys on your desktop or mobile by sliding the screen.

Super Mario Bros.

Do you remember the gratifying thrill of finding a block of coins in the original Super Mario Bros. NES? Search "Super Mario Bros." Look to the right sidebar for a Mario block flashing with your name. No matter how many times you click it you will find the most satisfying clicks in a while.

Google 1998

You might be surprised at how sparse the internet looks today, even if you think that you know what it looked like in 1998. You can search "Google 1998" to see what the results might have looked like before Y2K. ).

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Another relic of the early days of the internet is the horrible HTML tags. You can see how horrible the internet was back then by typing "blink HTML" into the search box. Google applies the original blink effects to all instances of "blink" or "HTML" within the search results.

Three Dog Night: A Tribute

In the search bar, enter "the loneliest" The calculator appears above the top result. Is it an auto-filled value? One.

This isn't just Google dropping a sad fact bomb. It also refers to "One", a U.S. Top-5 hit from 1969. Three Dog Night, a folk-rock band, topped the Billboard charts. It's quite an earworm, so apologies if it sticks in your head for the rest of the day.

Bacon number

This Easter egg evokes the concept of "six degrees separation" which is the idea that the world shrinks and no one is further than six degrees from the other. The spinoff idea of "six degrees Kevin Bacon" states that no celebrity is further than six stars from the prolific Mr Bacon.

In the search box, type any actor's name followed by "Bacon number". Google will show you the degrees of separation. It's not easy to find a major movie actor who is more than three or four degrees away. I tried a dozen names and could not get a Bacon number that was higher than 2.

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