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Top Practices to Enhance Your Collection Agility

by Patricia Hayden - 12 Oct 2022, Wednesday 312 Views Like (0)
Top Practices to Enhance Your Collection Agility

For most financial firms, prioritizing agility is one of the most significant dimensions. Also, the pace of change is rapidly accelerating year on year. The pandemic has focused on two years worth of digital transformation. It's about how consumers behave and what they expect from their financial institutions. Only the most agile financial institutions can keep moving forward, adapting and refining their operations to meet consumers' evolving requirements.

In this blog, we'll focus on ways collections teams, particularly, can stay agile. First, here are the top practices they must follow, outlining the tools that help them along the way. After that, they can expect if they get their approach right.

Experimental mindset

Organizations must not only have an expectation; they must welcome it. Financial recovery services need to adopt an experimental mindset if they want to keep up with the times. No strategies last forever. What worked earlier may not be worth it now. With this in mind, collection agents must re-examine their consumers' behavior before refining their approach.

Past-due customers will likely call an agent and sort out their repayments. After all, this was what everybody did. However, these days past-due customers won't even engage in the dunning process when they need to deal with another person. They want to be in charge themselves. They want to be able to self-cure their debts.

When providing self-service options, the collections department helps adapt its own ways of working around changing consumer behaviors. This helps them boost their repayment rates while delivering a superior customer experience.

Bring everyone on the same page

Agile collections departments need to move a step ahead. Heads of collections must ensure that all agents are on the same page. This also means that all can access the same vital insights and follow department-wide best practices. You might have different members using different outreach strategies. This results in a disjointed, confusing customer experience. Remember, this has a significant impact on your debt collection process.

Financial debt recovery collection agency must implement an all-in-one collection management system with advanced data-driven dashboards. Basically, these dashboards reveal everything about customers' payment history and their interaction with collections agents. Collection employees and heads of the collection will therefore be able to examine overall collection performance by simply logging into their collections management system.

With a single source of truth, heads of collections and collections agents can work together more efficiently. They can create unified, department-wide strategies per the last data and insights they have gathered.

Keep pace with financial trends and disruptions

Financial firms may not exist in a vacuum. Moreover, the wider societal trends and pressures bring significant feedback. New technologies influence how consumers behave. This has a substantial impact as they engage in the dunning process. Financial institutions must keep pace with large-scale trends and disruptions, eventually impacting collections.

Consumers can be contacted at all times, no matter where they are in the world. Sending letters through the door, collections departments should adapt their dunning approach. Any leading financial recovery services that use the omnichannel will follow up with debtors periodically.

Embrace change

A financial institution can often be scared to overhaul its existing legacy system. Unfortunately, this also means that they sacrifice short-term convenience for long-term gains. By persisting with inefficient legacy systems, they continue to serve a disappointing experience that produces subpar results.

A firm that focuses on agility will embrace change. However, they'll gladly implement innovative solutions to update their system. It improves their debt recovery efficiency and effectiveness. This equally helps them unlock more significant results easily and gives them a genuine competitive advantage.

Customer behavior visibility

Creating the perfect strategy is not an easy task. Every customer segment responds to different messaging on different channels at other times. The best financial recovery services should give recovery teams visibility into their customer's behavior.

Agents can track whether customers are ever engaged with their dunning processes. By sending digital messages that direct consumers towards online payment, you can check the customer's open rate, clickthrough rate, payment attempt rate, and payment success rate.

These insights help you understand which message templates are working. You can clearly see whether customers face technical problems when repaying their debts.


Collections departments need to put themselves in the best possible position. Your organization may always use the cloud-first collection system, helping make the entire department as agile as possible. Get in touch with our experts to complete your collection process smoothly. We're here to make things possible.