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Top Reasons to Pre-plan Your Funeral

by christie Callihoo - 13 Jun 2022, Monday 263 Views Like (0)
Top Reasons to Pre-plan Your Funeral

While death is still taboo in various cultures, it is becoming increasingly common for people to pre-plan their funeral. Planning your own funeral is nothing to be shy or afraid of. It is better to start talking about your last wishes for a number of reasons. Talk about your funeral plans with your family, tell them about your wishes, about your last resting place, the type of headstone you want, and talk about the wish of being buried or cremated. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should pre-plan your funeral. 

Save Money 

Financial problems prevail for many families. Financial problems can come over anytime, especially if there is someone at the death bed, expenses are surely inevitable. So, when a loved one passes away, funerals are an inevitable expense. 

Several funeral houses offer special discounts for the people that take part in their pre-plan service package. Moreover, you can take time and pay the bill over the course of time instead of paying a huge bill at once after the fact. 

Do It In Your Way 

After your death, your family and friends will try their best to do your memorial ceremony. However, only you know yourself perfectly and know what you exactly want. So, when you plan your funeral beforehand, you are doing things in your way. From the grave plot to the monument accessories, you have the liberty to make all things according to your own will. 

Lift A Financial Burden 

Funerals are costly and there are several things that add up and make a heavy bill in the end. So, when you pre-plan your funeral, you pay the cost of the things from time to time. By doing so, you save your family or responsible friends to pay the hefty bill for your memorial services. 

Lift Decision-making Burden 

We all know how daunting it can be to experience the death of a loved one. This stressful and saddening time becomes even more troublesome when they have to make critical decisions related to funeral and memorial services. 

At that time, nothing feels enough to honor the existence of the departed soul. Hence, the time becomes sad and heartbreaking, and burdensome to do their best while not being in the best of personal form. 

So, when you pre-plan your funeral, you are deciding almost everything according to what you want. So, when the time comes, family members and friends at least have the mental ease that the departed loved one was happy about how the things and ceremony are being carried out. 

Allows More Time 

Most funerals are thrown together in a period of a week after the death. The shortage of time can lead to hasty decisions. So, when you pre-plan, you are more methodological in your decisions and can even make amendments when the available options change. Hence, pre-planning your funeral gives you and even your family manners more time to work things out and prevent hasty decisions. 

Get The Details Right 

When you have your funeral, pre-planned yourself and take time in planning things. You have a chance to pay attention to details that can otherwise be overlooked if someone else plans the funeral after the occurrence of the fact. 

Make Your Final Wishes Known

Pre-planning allows you to let people know about your wishes for your divine journey. If you want to be cremated, pre-plan funeral services offer you to make arrangements for that beforehand. Moreover, you can also show any wishes you have about your ashes. Hence, in the pre-planning process, you are letting others know about your wishes. 

Ask The Right Questions

No one is immortal. We are all going to leave this world one day. So, donít be afraid to talk about how youíll be treated after death. When you are the one planning your last journey, commonly known as a funeral service, you have the liberty to ask all the right questions. These questions will be about all the elements you want to include in your funeral service. 

Hence, when you are the one asking a question, you will ask all the right questions. You will assess if the answers satisfy you and get things done your way. 

Work With People You Respect 

A funeral director has a very important role in finalizing all aspects of a funeral ceremony. There needs to be full harmony between the family of the deceased and the funeral director. Your funeral director needs to be empathetic. Only then will they be able to console your family on their loss and help them perform the last honoring rituals without additional stress. 

So, when you think of planning your funeral, you have the chance to meet many funeral directors. This provides you to personally interact with them and choose the one that you think will be the best for the job. Hence, you and your family can work with the people you respect the most.