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Volunteering at Dallas Habitat for Humanity

by Dallas Habitat - 18 Aug 2022, Thursday 225 Views Like (0)
Volunteering at Dallas Habitat for Humanity

Doing something selfless is always good for the heart and soul. We should do it more often so that we can heal ourselves and help the people in need.

At Dallas Habitat for Humanity, we don't just build homes. We turn dreams into reality. 

Consider volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in the Dallas region if you're seeking ways to give back. Our goal is to improve our local communities by giving deserving families in need access to safe, affordable homes.

All Habitat volunteers share one thing in common: they play a crucial role in advancing the organisation's mission in our neighbourhood. 

Volunteer Today!

Things to Keep in mind before Signing up!

As long as our new safety regulations are followed, we welcome volunteers. All volunteers must submit to mandatory temperature checks upon arrival at any volunteer location, wear full-face masks at all times, and complete a computerised COVID-19 screening questionnaire.

In the event that Dallas Independent School Districts close due to bad weather, indoor volunteer opportunities will be cancelled. Please don't volunteer if your neighbourhood school system is closed because of bad weather or safety concerns.

All volunteers must register on our volunteer registration portal before beginning their service.

At Volunteer Registration portal you can:

  1. Acknowledge our yearly Safety Waiver electronically
  2. Submit to a yearly background investigation.
  3. Recognize the completion of our COVID-19 Health Questionnaire for each day you volunteer.
  4. Sign up for events

Volunteering Services

Whatever your strengths are, we can work with you to change your community and the lives of others.

These are the services you can volunteer for:

  1. Construction Volunteer: 

It is not essential to have any prior construction expertise for volunteers to work on projects from Wednesday through Saturday. Many new volunteers have never held a hammer before! You can participate as frequently as your schedule permits or regularly to earn the title of Core Volunteer.

  1. Restore Volunteer: 

Blue Hat ReStore volunteers support the operation of the ReStore and ensure that all contributors and consumers receive first-rate service. The Blue Hat volunteers collaborate with the business's managers, employees, and other volunteers to greet customers, advise them on current sales, aid the cashier with sold goods, show them about the store, and more.

  1. Neighbourhood cleanup:

Dallas Area Habitat makes investments in the areas we work with. By clearing away trash and other debris, volunteers contribute to the aesthetic improvement of the communities we serve.

Volunteers assist us in transforming the lives of all the families in our neighbourhoods as well as those of our partner families. Throughout the year, neighbourhood cleanups are planned based on local demand.

  1. Office Volunteers:

Help staff with various office activities, including filing, sorting, organising, and creating welcome baskets for new homeowners. As needed, these projects are posted. To access these opportunities, please visit our volunteer site.

  1. Global Engagement:

Over 80 nations are involved in the work of Habitat for Humanity International, which builds more than 60,000 homes annually and helps more than 1.5 million families find shelter.

Through our Global Impact Fund/Tithe and Global Village Trips, Dallas Habitat supports this initiative.

Here are some age restrictions:

  1. No one under the age of 16 may be on the building site anytime.
  2. Youths aged 16 to 17 are permitted to engage in construction but are not permitted to use power tools or climb onto roofs; there must be one adult supervisor older than 21 for every five youngsters.
  3. All construction-related activities are open to those at least 18 years old.

Here are some duties that include being a ReStore Volunteer:

  1. Taking on the role of a shift leader for volunteers at the ReStores.
  2. Welcome daily volunteers and assist with sign-in. 
  3. Direct volunteers in a safe and interesting manner
  4. Work with management and staff to deploy daily volunteers in the right positions.
  5. Complete everyday duties, unique projects, and supply management.
  6. Greeting and assisting customers

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering feels terrific, which is why so many people do it. In addition to helping others, volunteering may be a great way to strengthen relationships with friends, family, and other volunteers. Even while joining Habitat for Humanity as a volunteer is already a good idea, there are still additional advantages for your physical and mental well-being as well as your profession that come with it.

You can get knowledge about building, interior design, and tool use by volunteering with Habitat. All of these skills are useful when you buy your own house.

According to a study, those who regularly volunteered with charities and other groups were 38% less likely to end up in the hospital.

Whole communities develop and undergo radical change thanks to people like you. With this transformation, families get the sturdiness, constancy, and independence required to create a better life.

So Let's come together and give these families a better lifestyle