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Why Is Mercari Shipping So Cheap?

by rashid guestpost - 26 Jul 2022, Tuesday 268 Views Like (0)
Why Is Mercari Shipping So Cheap?

Why is Mercari shipping so cheap?

The main reason Mercari shipping is so cheap is that they offer flat rates through FedEx or USPS.

Flat rates are for packages weighing up to 150 pounds, with the longest side no longer than 45 inches. The second longest side cannot be longer than 20 inches.

Best-selling items on Mercari

If you want to know how to make money , and a lot of it on Mercari, then you need to know what sells best on the app. The truth is that almost anything can and does sell well. However, the best items that seem to sell quickly seem to be electronics, baby and women's clothing, and handmade products.

Do you want to get paid for selling electronics and other products? It doesn't matter what you want to sell; chances are you can sell it on Mercari. If you take good photos of your items and write good descriptions, then there is a good chance your items will sell.

Items you can't sell on Mercari

Obviously, nothing illegal can be sold. Neither can weapons, firearms, alcohol, drugs (legal or not), animals and things of that nature be sold.

Most buying and selling platforms don't allow you to sell items that fall into those categories.

Although this should not have to be said, Mercari does not share or sell personal data. This means that you should never try to sell personal data through the platform.

Unfortunately, scammers are everywhere, and even try to use Mercari to sell things they know they shouldn't. If you have questions about whether or not you can list your item for sale, simply contact the Mercari team. They will be more than happy to tell you whether or not you can sell your items on their platform.

Products sold on Mercari

Mercari is similar to other marketplaces, which means that people can sell both used and new items. You can sell your used electronics , used clothing, and many other used items through the app.

The same goes for new stuff, but Mercari suggests that you price new, unused items at around  70% of their original value. You are not required to do this, but it is a strong suggestion.

Beware of counterfeit items

Counterfeit items are items that are cheap imitations passed off as genuine legitimate items. A cheap reproduction of an article is an illegal practice. Some popular counterfeit items are:

  • purses and bags
  • Sports shirts
  • Footwear
  • electronics
  • Clothing
  • Jeweler's
  • Home furniture

There are many others that can be found on Mercari. These are some of the most common counterfeit items, but there are many others. If you spot any counterfeit items, be sure to report this suspicious activity immediately.

I want to sell how am I protected?

There are several ways that Mercari protects sellers. They offer a seller payment guarantee, which means that if your product is delivered as promised, you get paid.

Also, it has shipping protection. Your items are insured for up to $200, and the insurance covers you if your items are damaged or lost in transit.

Mercari gives you $10 for signing up!

A friend of mine introduced me to Mercari, and I received a $10 credit for my first purchase. If you are interested in receiving a free $10 signup bonus, you need to go through a referral link.

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Mercari and PayPal

As a seller, you do not have the option to receive payment through PayPal. Buyers can pay for items through PayPal, but sellers don't have that option to get paid.

How does Mercari pay me?

In order to receive payment, you must link your bank account or debit card to the Mercari platform. With Instant Pay, you can request your money and have it on your debit card in minutes. Otherwise, you request your money and wait a period of time for it to reach your bank account.

Mercari states that it will inform sellers as soon as other payment options become available.

Mercari and taxes

Buyers are required to pay sales tax if they are based in individual states. As of now, Mercari collects and remits sales tax from sellers in 34 states. In general, if a state requires sales tax to be paid by out-of-state sellers, then Mercari will collect and remit sales tax on behalf of sellers in those states.

Complaints about Mercari

Okay, so nothing is perfect, so what's the catch?

You're right: while there are many positives to working with Mercari, there are also some common complaints.

A common complaint involves buyers rejecting items because they were not as described. Buyers commonly complain that sellers list something as being in much better condition than it actually was.

This allows buyers to reject the item, and the seller will not be paid. The item will be returned to the seller for resale or non-sale.

Sometimes sellers complain about their items, not about selling. This is usually due to trying to sell new items at full price.

As I said before, Mercari suggests that you list items for 70% less than the suggested retail price because most shoppers aren't looking to buy items at full price.

Keep in mind that no matter how good a buying and selling platform is, there will always be people who are not happy with it. This applies to both buyers and sellers.

Mercari customer service

Mercari customer service can be contacted through a number of different avenues. The most common way to contact customer service is through their email at . Other methods to contact Mercari customer service are:

  • Through their contact form at:
  • The App Help Center
  • By phone: 888-325-2168
  • Twitter:

Mercari's customer service can also be contacted through its other social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram. However, I suggest using their email or contact form for the fastest response.

Mercari customer service also takes fraud seriously. If you feel you have been the victim of fraud or other criminal activity on their platform, please contact them immediately at their customer service phone number:  (888) 325-2168.