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Why Outsource Your Call Center Services to India?

by Alicia Johnson - 15 Jul 2022, Friday 456 Views Like (0)
Why Outsource Your Call Center Services to India?

Call centers are where a huge volume of customer request calls are received and transmitted. Call center services in India are numerous, as with the opening of India's economy to the world, services in India particularly boomed.

Outsourcing to India was cheaper when compared to other countries. The low cost of labor is what gives India the edge over other outsourcing countries. India nearly spends only 30-40% of the total cost of the workforce, which includes training employees, incentives, and other perks.

The call center generally has an open workspace environment for agents; every agent has a computer system for himself, a headset connected to a telecom switch, and to one or more supervisor stations. They are divided into two categories

1) Inbound Call Centers

 Inbound call centers only have to do with a majority of inbound calls. Inbound calls or incoming calls refer to those calls which the customers place to the call center and enquires about its product or services or a complaint to place. Because of the nature of these calls, most of them are customer service centric. The customer service outsourcing industry in India has a book value worth $150 billion.

2) Outbound Call Centers

Outbound call centers do the opposite of what generally Inbound Call Centers do. Here, the call centers call the customers rather than the other way around; hence the agents are, for the maximum part of their day, making outgoing calls to customers.

This makes outbound call centers sales-centric. When the call center agents are making calls, they have a list of potential or existing customers and try and sell them products and services that are already on the market or are newly launched.

Therefore. Call centers can either be inbound or outbound or a combination of both.

Outsourcing to India-

Bangalore stays the most attractive location for an outsourcing solution. Mumbai, Delhi/NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Call center services in India have been one of the major service industries which have absorbed most of the graduates since the very beginning, offering them jobs and enhancing their quality of living. Many college students choose to work part-time to support their families and fulfill their financial needs.

Top Reasons for outsourcing call centers to India

Lowered Operating Costs

Any deduction in overhead costs lets a company shift more revenue towards operational growth, simultaneously freeing up your valuable time, especially if the company is a start-up or a small business enterprise. Outsourcing can offer continuity, control of the expenditure, and risk management. Forming up an in-house call center is a big investment in infrastructure, staff, equipment, overheads, etc. According to experts, outsourcing business processes can reduce your expenses by almost 50%.

 24/7 Support

If your customers and business operations are not matched with your time zone, it is much more feasible to outsource your call center in India. Doing this will let your customers who are not located in the same time zone as you have their inquiries resolved. With a 12-hour time difference, India is an apt call center location to offer European and North American businesses after office hour support. It will not be realistic for many businesses to provide in-house call center service.  

Highly educated workforce

Universities in India are not known for their highly educated graduate students that come into the call center workforce every year. Out of all the graduates, close to 2 million are English-speaking graduates, and approximately 75,000 IT graduates each year. This gives a great benefit to calling center operations which require a high-quality workforce that is fluent in the English language. This presence of a big workforce is sometimes the unique selling point of many IT outsourcing firms; due to this, they can offer scalable services as and when needed by their customers.

An experienced destination

Even after many years of services, India continues to be the most preferred primary choice for offshoring multi-location sourcing strategy. India has offered high-quality services for over 20 years now. As a call center outsourcing location, only India can very well boast about such a great experience in this sector. Not only the country offers quality call center services, but other services like product development and more complex analytical services in the form of research are also offered.

Middle of the digital revolution

Favorable government policies in India have made sure that India is very well is doing well in the mid of a digital wave. The 'Digital India' initiative from the Government aims at connecting every nook and corner of the country with quality IT infra that will allow its citizens to be connected round the clock with the rest of the world. As a matter of fact, this will help many Tier II and III locations so that they can provide outstanding services at lower rates than Tier I locations.

Indian Cities are top outsourcing destinations

According to Tholons' 2015 top hundred outsourcing destinations report', 6 Indian cities are in the top ten outsourcing destinations. While Bangalore topped the list, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Pune were all behind Manila in the second spot in their respective order. All these cities have a well-planned and thought-out IT infrastructure, and they don't lag behind in terms of quality services when in comparison with their western counterparts.

However, the rising cost of living is also pushing the expense of running call centers in Delhi, Mumbai, and several other destinations making it difficult for many outsourcing companies in India to sustain themselves.