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Why Should You Replace Your Existing Windows?

by christie Callihoo - 05 Aug 2022, Friday 78 Views Like (0)
Why Should You Replace Your Existing Windows?

Whether it is a regular home appliance, a piece of furniture, a gadget, or merely a window, the choice between replacing an item and leaving it as it is is the biggest dilemma facing every homeowner. From the perspective of an average individual with a salary just enough to feed the family, investment in such items is not something they can do from time to time. Most of the time, such investments only occur once a decade. 

If we specifically talk about windows, homeowners usually regard them as a once-in-a-lifetime acquisition. People contemplate the replacement of their windows only when they are undertaking a major home renovation or when the existing windows clearly fail to perform their basic functions despite receiving periodic repairs and maintenance. In the case of homes that are passed down from one generation to another, replacing windows is a far-fetched fantasy. 

To many, purchasing windows is an avoidable and, to some extent, unnecessary cost. They believe they can reap more value from the money by using it on something more important than the latter. Evidently, these people merely consider the initial investment and fail to do the long-term math. Surprisingly, if you request a professional window installer Edmonton to replace your existing windows with the new ultra-modern and more efficient windows, the benefits will significantly outweigh the costs you will incur.

Thus, you should never base your decisions on short-term profits or losses and must consider the long-term impact of an investment. In order to help you acknowledge the full benefits of investing in modern windows, this article will systematically outline the reasons why you should replace your old windows. 

Energy Efficiency And Savings On Bills

Since the cost of replacing windows is every homeowner’s biggest dread, let us explain how new windows are not as expensive as you might perceive them to be. The most significant difference between your existing windows and Walbert Windows elite collection of ultra-modern windows is in their sophistication and technological advancement. 

No matter how well-built your existing windows are, they can not compare to the exquisiteness and technical intricacy. In this regard, the biggest improvement has been in the area of thermal conductivity. Loss of warm air in winter and cool air in summer is the major culprit behind rising energy bills all year round. This is because the loss of air due to leaks and conduction through the window glass makes the HVAC system work harder, resulting in increased utility costs.

In contrast, contemporary high-class windows boast advanced thermal barriers in the shape of multiple-pane glass panes. Some manufacturers even add argon gas between high-quality glass panes to further enhance the efficiency of these windows. Consequently, the temperature of the house is maintained at an optimal level each season with the least pressure on the HVAC system. 

You will notice a considerable decline in your energy bills every month if you choose to replace your old windows.

Enhanced Property Aesthetics

Cost is not all that matters to some people. No matter how rugged your old windows are, they won’t give you contentment if they are not aesthetically pleasing. You rarely change a home in your life. Thus, the place where you spend your time must have a visual edge to it. The best way to attain the latter is by investing in premium-grade modern windows.


Rise In Property Value

When it comes to a property like a house, even the most minor investments reap incredible results. That is, investments rarely go to waste in the case of a property. If you decide to install new windows in your home, the house’s market value will significantly surpass the investment and your expectations and will provide the best returns.

Improved Home Security

Besides the visual appeal and thermal comfort, contemporary windows also provide advanced safety mechanisms. From security alarms to smash-proof glass, there is a lot you can enjoy by installing these windows. 

Less Frequent Repair And Maintenance

With time, older windows become less efficient and are unable to perform their basic functions. While a repair may suffice most of the time, it may also turn out to be an unnecessary cost if the window has seen better days and has reached the end of its lifespan.

Thus, instead of spending on frequent repairs, consider installing better windows.

Better Soundproofing

If your home belonged to a wealthy family of the ancient era who could afford to install expensive antique windows with excellent soundproofing qualities, you could argue that your old windows do not need a replacement. But if you live in a busy city like Edmonton, average conventional windows are not a good option if you want a peaceful slumber or tranquillity during the day.


Boosted Protection Against UV

Old and degraded glass does little to hold back the sun’s threatening ultraviolet rays. In a country where the UV Index can surge as high as 11, protecting yourself and your belongings is absolutely essential. Modern glazed windows substantially reduce the negative impacts of UV rays on your furniture, paintings, carpets, and your kids. With these windows, you can enjoy natural light without worrying about UV rays.

In conclusion, people falsely believe that investing in modern windows is an unnecessary expense. In truth, modern windows provide outlandish savings and advanced technological features. The latter offers optimum comfort and reduces energy bills considerably. For the best results, request professional window installers and manufacturers to help you determine the most suitable type of windows for your home.