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Why Sports and Social Walls Play Well Together

by Phillip Moxley - 13 Sep 2022, Tuesday 244 Views Like (0)
Why Sports and Social Walls Play Well Together

Sports events with an audience are a treat for the eyes and ears. There is nothing like it when the stadium audience shouts their players' and teams' names.

But it is not at full tempo all the time; there are times like short breaks when event organizers can boost the audience experience. This is where social walls play a critical role.

Social walls are real-time displays of content that boosts people's experience like nothing else. They are an ideal fit for sports events, and we will see how!

Benefits Of Social Walls At Sports Events

Boosts Audience Engagement

It's essential to keep spectators interested throughout your sporting event. We cannot state that there is a set recipe to keep your sports event audience interested. However, we staked our claim on social media. The key to integrating social media into any sporting event is Social Wall.

The social wall attracts the most audience attention. It expands engagement opportunities when it is concurrently displayed on jumbotrons at the sporting venue and your website.

You encourage your live and online audience to participate and post on social media about how much they love the game and their preferred team. Social media wall serve as the best possible conduit for communication.

Generates More Sales & Revenues

One of the most important qualities of a social wall is that you can monetize it by presenting commercial content and extending it beyond your typical social media feeds.

Even though the sponsor commercials for sporting events are frequently displayed on billboards, hoardings, and other surfaces, they rarely catch the audience's attention.

A social wall is eye-catching, and its adaptable design enables you to quickly and easily modify the screen's content whenever you choose. You should display your audience the appropriate content at the right moment across all platforms, from your social media feed to the sponsored content.

Due to a social wall's influence, posting this advertising on the social wall of your athletic event attracts the most audience attention and increases your revenue.

Keeps The Entertainment Going During Breaks

There are a few interruptions during a competition during which the players can rest, or the team may decide on its next gaming plan, among other things.

When there is nothing for the audience to do, Hashslider gets the perfect opportunity to steal the show. The screen is ready to be the center of attention after it has been set up.

When the audience is not entertained by the event's periodic breaks, they take action and begin posting some content with a hashtag on social media. Because people are engaged, the social wall decreases the perception of waiting time during match breaks.

Helps Support The Teams

Whatever the sport, there will always be at least two competing teams vying for victory. This implies that the opposing teams frequently share the crowd, and each side will be supporting their preferred team.

It has been demonstrated that a sports team's motivation to win increases when they sense the support of their fan base. The audience can express their reliance on the social wall to assist them in succeeding.

When people post photos with the team colors and hashtags, the rivalry in the event grows along with the emotion and energy. As a result, when supporters of one team do that, the opposing side is immediately prompted to respond in kind. If not, neither their team nor they will feel confident or reassured. 

Provides In-Depth Analytics 

You have the option to create a social wall performance report with detailed information that demonstrates how users engage with your social wall. It aids in enhancing user interaction and the content you present to spectators during sporting events. Check the analytics to see what appeals to your sports event audience the most, and make any necessary updates.

The social wall assists you in calculating the number of audience replies to your social wall after the event. Including the number of tweets, posts, mentions, hashtag usage, etc., you can quickly assess the effectiveness of the social wall at your athletic event.

Helps Create A Community

On social media, fans express affection for their preferred teams. So you create a sense of fandom and community when you gather all this expressed love from social media, curate it, and show it on the social wall.

Additionally, it generates social proof for your sporting event, which motivates more fans to post content and strengthens your presence of the sporting event on social media.

Fans have a larger platform to express their shared sentiments when concepts like coordinating hashtag campaigns are implemented and displayed on large screens like jumbotrons.

Wrapping Up

Sports events and social media walls are made for each other. Sports events are so entertaining that it is tough to make them better. However, social media walls can enhance sports events in their own way. We mentioned some benefits in this blog about how social media walls can improve your sports event. So, take inspiration and start including social media walls in your sports events.