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Best Practices for an Efficient Remote Work

by christie Callihoo - 13 Jun 2022, Monday 389 Views Like (0)
Best Practices for an Efficient Remote Work

Employers now prefer remote working content writers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, virtual assistants, and similar work domains. However,  working remotely can be quite a hassle, contrary to the common misconception that it is very laid back, easy, and relaxing. 

The distractions at home are much easier to come by, more frequent, and hard to combat. Soon enough, you have succumbed to one of the endless small breaks with the promise to concentrate this time, and so the cycle continues. 

However, you can turn the table around with a little bit of conviction and a clear plan. Here are some of the tips that can help you make remote work productive and change it all.


A lot of hindrance and disturbance that comes while working from home is when you donít schedule your day. Creating a schedule and following it throughout the day automatically reduces the effort involved. It gives you time restrictions which gets you out of procrastination which is common in remote work. It is also important to mention that planning and scheduling give you a sense of pattern which can be very helpful in increasing productivity.

 Find Your Safe Place

Where multitasking skill is highly appreciated and admired, it can be a big distraction for many. You are so used to the office that it's hard to replicate the same energy at home. In this case, you need to find a place or corner in your house where you can work freely. 

This nook needs to be quiet, out of the way, and organized. You should avoid bedrooms and lounges at all costs. Try to convert an extra room into a makeshift office area where you can work without disturbance.

Avoid Multitasking

Where multitasking skill is highly appreciable and admired, it can be a big distraction too for many. Multitasking and managing both homes as well as office work while working from home can be a bit too much and eventually take a toll on you. 

As we learned earlier, scheduling is the way to go. Instead, you need to prioritize and assign time slots for each task. This would not only ensure the implementation but would improve the quality of work, too.

Mind Warmup

Just like a physical workout, your brain needs a warm-up session before starting on the adventure that is your job. Remote work can be more tiring in some way because of the monotony it offers. You donít get your daily gossip sessions or hang out with colleagues anymore; all communication is either reduced to zoom meetings or emails. In between it all, a daily mind warmup might just be the thing that can save the day.

Hide Your Devices

Constant notifications and messages are the biggest distractions one faces while trying to concentrate. Your phone is the ultimate culprit among any other gadget that is taking your attention. A good way to avoid it all is to turn off or put away your devices far from your workstation. This would allow you to perform without the constant buzzing and breaking up your rhythm.

Take Breaks

You canít expect your body to work without a break like a machine. Your body and mind need breaks where you can relax and recharge. The best part about working remotely is the autonomy it offers. You can decide what you do and when, you can also decide when to take time out. Breaks are necessary to recharge and revive the energy. Otherwise sooner or later, your battery will be drained, and that is one story that never ends well.

Learn Your Limits

We all have our limits and triggers. It is a healthy life choice to learn and understand yourself and your body. Working like a machine without taking regular time off and breaks to recharge can eventually take a toll. Mentally as well as physically, it is important to know when you need to stop. 

Other than this, you also need to set boundaries for aspects and people out of your control. Like any other relationship, work is also a mutual exchange where you need to do your best, but also set healthy boundaries on what is expected from you.

Just let go

People say the best jobs are when you enjoy them, but we say you can enjoy everything by creating a healthy balance. Just let go, set a good pattern and healthy lifestyle, give yourself some slack, but donít forget your role and you are good to go.


To conclude, remote workers face many distractions, the constant nagging, the lack of work environment, unannounced visitors, other attractive diversions, and just the frenzy all of it can cause quite a lot of disturbance. Nevertheless, there is nothing like conquering a difficult challenge. A little conviction, a lot of consistency, and the right amount of perseverance can help accomplish anything.