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5 Tips to Help Child Actors Get Over Rejection

by nabanita saha - 25 Apr 2022, Monday 157 Views Like (0)
5 Tips to Help Child Actors Get Over Rejection

In today’s world, you (parents) are very conscious and pay utmost attention to what your children want to do in their life. You start offering the respective training and facilities to your kids as you notice their eagerness. As you notice your children are fond of music, you try to facilitate them to learn music or play their desired musical instruments. Similarly, you should let your children have a certificate or diploma in acting as you notice your child is interested in acting.    

After the completion of a training at home or an acting institute, your child starts having auditions and looking for a role in a television program, film, or theatrical performance. Getting an opportunity is not as easy as you or your child think of it. Before being successful and popular, actors have to go through several rejections. Most aspiring actors can deal with it. However, dealing with rejections is a little tricky for your child. You need to support your child and instruct how to get over rejection. Here are some useful and effective steps for your support:

1. Elaborate the odds 

Some children get an opportunity in their first or second auditions while some have to make several efforts. Your child may have to face rejection more times and the number of rejections could be anything from 1 to 100. As parents, you should make your efforts and explain the odds creating a barrier in his/her selection in an audition. You can represent a few statistics to your children and let them comprehend what improvements they need to make and why they should wait a little for an opportunity.  

2. Make them aware of the casting truth

As conscious parents, you should study facts on casting and know what factors play a role in the selection of a young actor. After that, you should explain his/her performance before casting directors is crucial. However, it is not the primary factor for selection. Explain to your child that he/she needs to do more with his/her height, type, age, hair colour, dressing, and ethnicity. 

You should make your child comprehend that these factors are out of his/her control. Directors have to focus on finding young actors who can easily fit into their story and other casting and crew members. Encourage him/her to focus on improving his/her appearance apart from performance. 

3. Encourage your child to have several different interests 

As mentioned above, rejection is a part of acting and performance alone has no prime role in selection, so you should encourage your child to have many interests from his/her childhood. Try to bring variety in their life and encourage them to engage in many different activities. If his/her prime interest is acting, let him/her take an interest in learning to write scripts, play a musical instrument, sing songs, and do allied activities. With this, your child can easily change his/her mind if he/she has frequent rejections in acting. 

4. Avoid criticising your child 

In general, parents criticise their children on their children’s performance in what the children do in real life. Parents compare their children with other children. As conscious parents, you should avoid criticising and comparing your children. Instead you should encourage them to do better for the next audition and state that the current one is not the end of chances for them in acting. In addition, you should provide all that can help your children do better. 

5. Comprehend your child’s feelings and make the situation light and fun for him/her 

Having one or two rejections is normal. After being rejected, your child goes through several physical and psychological changes in his/her. As parents, you need to comprehend what is going inside your child and facilitate him/her how to cope with the last rejection. Instead of making the situation worse and boring, you should do what can help your child redirect his/her mind and enjoy what he/she has.         


Rejection is part and partial of life. It happens in almost all fields. As parents, you need to let your children comprehend the real world and the facts associated with acting. You can encourage them, redirect their mind, make the situation light & fun, and respect their feelings to facilitate them to get over rejection.