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6 Fun Learning Coding Classes Bootcamp for Kids

by Elation Edtech Pvt. Ltd. - 10 Jun 2022, Friday 452 Views Like (0)
6 Fun Learning Coding Classes Bootcamp for Kids

Are you looking for a way to transform your child's screen time into something more productive? You aren't the only one who thinks like this!

It is challenging for parents to keep their children engaged while balancing screen time with physical activities. Your kids must keep exercising their brains just as their bodies.

Nowadays, an increasing amount of Online Coding Classes in India that aims at developing the skills for programming languages and coding necessary for your child's personal growth. 

Let us find out together about the various Best Online Coding Courses Bootcamp for kids and how to select the best coding program for you.

Programming Coding Courses Bootcamps for Kids

  1. iD Tech- iD Tech is a computer camp based in California, USA. It provides online coding classes and hands-on coding experience to children aged between 7 and 19, all across the USA.

With iD Tech's Code Camps, students acquire vital skills like problem-solving, logical reasoning, and technical skills like designing their games, making websites, and many more. 

The Best Online Coding Courses Bootcamp for Kids will last from 1 to 12 weeks based on your age and requirements. During this time, kids will learn, explore and experiment with various programming languages like C, C++, Javascript, Python, etc.

  1. NextGen Bootcamp- It is a Programming Bootcamp based in New York, USA. NextGen Bootcamp is a CS Education Company that aims to provide quality education in coding and design to your kids.

It aims to take a smart learning approach toward teaching your child by enabling them to learn and perform coding projects. Moreover, it has expert teachers with a revised curriculum for teaching.

It specializes in CS(Computer Science) training, Python Machine Learning, and Java Programming Language. It facilitates an overall new fun-based learning environment for your children.

  1. CodaKids- CodaKids is a Computer Coding Camp for kids aged 6 to 15, established in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is now teaching kids about the coding, tools of coding, and various programming languages in over 15 countries.

Through their Best Online Coding Courses Bootcamp for Kids and live support with engineers, CodaKids is now able to teach crucial programming skills and tools necessary for creating websites, apps, and various games like Roblox.

Codakids offers a variety of coding classes from beginner to expert level, teaching programming languages such as Java, Python, and Javascript.

  1. Tinkerly- Tinkerly is an initiative by IIT-Delhi & XLRI Alumni to promote Coding Skills & STEM education among young minds, based in Jaipur, India. It comprises the various courses blended with the education with hands-on learning and a play-based curriculum that enables interactive learning for kids grades 1 through 12.

Tinkerly's Online best coding courses of STEM in India combines live 1:1 online classes with recorded lessons and STEM toys to provide a unique learning experience for children with skilled instructors and focused learning.

Students can learn about various STEM-induced courses with robotics kits encouraging creativity, problem-solving attitude, and teamwork amongst kids. Your child can learn programming languages like Java, Scratch, C, C++, etc. in Tinkerly’s 

best coding courses of STEM in india

  1. Create and Learn- Create and Learn provides Virtual Coding Camps for kids. Its created by experts from top MNCs and leading universities like Harvard. Professionals from the United States instruct students in grades k-12 from all over the world. There is a maximum of 5 students in each class to guarantee that each student receives adequate attention.

Through project-based learning, children may enhance important abilities such as critical reasoning and creativity. It teaches children how to do things correctly and why they should do so. They also provide free STEM education and invite you to exclusive programs conducted by major corporations like Google and NASA.

Students can choose from more than 25 different computer science disciplines. It may include introductory coding languages like Scratch and more sophisticated languages like Python. Moreover, the development of games like Minecraft and Roblox is also a part of its fun-based curriculum.

  1. CogniCoders- CogniCoders classes are meticulously prepared and organized by experts from USC Computer Science Department. Besides just learning to program, CogniCoders embarks upon the play-based approach of teaching how it can solve real-world issues.

Class Size is limited to 4-10 students to ensure individual attention and clarity of concepts. The classes are generally two weeks long based on the age, difficulty level, and varying skillset required.

CogniCoders offers diverse subject courses like Java, Scratch, Cybersecurity, Python, etc. Its courses offered may vary at the time course commences. These courses educate youngsters on how to code, create, and design thoroughly and interactively.

How to Choose Best Coding Program for your Children?

The factors that need to be taken into consideration before selecting best coding courses of STEM in India are:

  • Age- Your child's age decides which class is best for them. Putting your child in a class with senior students might backfire since they may not be able to handle the challenges of coding practice. The majority of the digital courses split their education into many age groups, ensuring that the content is appropriate for their age.

  • Budget- The cost of coding programs varies, with some costing hundreds or even thousands of bucks a month. Thus, it is crucial to assess the value it will provide to your child. A good class should have, among other things, good education and adequate faculty assistance. If a program offers these features and is within your budget, go for it.

  • Flexible Schedules- One of the most important factors to consider while selecting a coding class for your kids is the timing, which must be flexible to meet your schedule. The problem of a rigid schedule arises in the case of offline classes where time is limited so does the resources. Hence, the parents must find Coding Programs that are flexible to their kid's timetables. Tinkerly’s Online Coding Classes in India is an interactive way to meet your child's learning requirements.

  • Curriculum- Checking the curriculum before enrolling your child might save you a lot of time and money in the long run. A good curriculum should include both academic and practical training. Students must strengthen fundamental and core topics before diving into an advanced area like game creation.

  • Student Interaction- Students can participate in discussion groups on various coding platforms. Its simple to understand new topics when it is straightforward to raise a query and obtain responses from peers. Another reason why community is important is that it motivates children to learn. The students are more eager to study and participate in coding tasks when surrounded by their peers. The best coding courses of STEM in India focus on students’ interaction.


In this blog, we have learned about various learning Bootcamps for kids and how to select the most suitable  coding classes program for your child. Moreover, we have grasped the importance of enrolling in these Online Best Online Coding Courses Bootcamp for your Kids.