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9 Ways to Monitor Your Child’s Progress in School

by sahil khan - 17 Jun 2022, Friday 229 Views Like (0)
9 Ways to Monitor Your Child’s Progress in School

The majority of the schools today have a set learning management system that could help parents look through the everyday activities and grading evaluations. It allows them to take extra measures to improve the areas where the child lacks efficiency.

The best high school in Ahmedabad always follow the approach where they care to involve parents actively in what their children are up to in the classroom, outdoor activities, and other recreation activities. However, it falls on parents to sort out methods of monitoring their children.

So here are some important ways that would assist in identifying the progress of your child:

Speak with the class teacher

The first step is getting in touch with your child’s class teacher, who would give you a detailed insight into the child’s performance inside the classroom. You cannot plan to improve your child unless you speak with an expert devoting time to educating and nurturing them. 

Keep a check on the Graded Tests and Assignments.

Some children feel embarrassed about their performance and hide their grades and assessments. Ensure you do not be harsh and speak plainly with them. Always check with them about the grades and assessments recently received. Most of all, look at their diaries and backpack to understand if the teacher left a remark. 

Visit the school once in a while

It is essential to visit the school premises and see your child performing physically. Some CBSE schools now allow parents to volunteer inside the classroom and help out during sessions. It gives you an unbiased look at your child’s performance. 

Find out the resources offered by the school to monitor progress digitally.

The learning management system provided by schools is an easily accessible digital software where parents can check their grades, performance, and remarks without waiting for the report card. It is a quick view for parents to keep track of their child’s learning daily. 

Be consistent in monitoring the progress.

Nurturing your child’s growth and learning curve and improving them isn’t a one-day job. You have to make it a routine and be consistent with them. Ask about their daily schedule, plan it with them or get to know their day at school.

Carefully observe their way of completing assignments.

Report cards show the results, which you should already know by monitoring your child every school semester. Whenever your child has to complete an assignment, sit with them and observe the small nuances like how they are finding the answers, what is their method of attempting questions, etc. It would give you a view into their research skills and help them work on trying solutions in exams. 

Engage them with good Educational Apps

Several educational apps are introduced that could come in handy when tracking your word performance. Give them a new task on these apps every day, ask them to watch videos, and ask questions relevant to it. You would see visible results coming out of it. 

Prepare a Homework Routine for your child.

It is essential that you mandatorily set up a time when your child should attempt the homework every day. If the teacher at school has not assigned them, you can design something by looking at their recent coursework and letting them practice it. Make it a habit.

Connect with other parents in the school community

Speak with other parents of your child’s peers. Know how they are monitoring their child’s studies. Are there any similar issues your child and theirs have in common? Identify and find a solution by speaking to the teacher or improving the daily study routine.