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All the Key Things About Lnat Exam

by goto university - 13 May 2022, Friday 303 Views Like (0)
All the Key Things About Lnat Exam

The LNAT test is one of the numerous hurdles students must clear in order to work in the legal field. The LNAT (Law National Aptitude Test) is a test for law students.

Universities utilise the LNAT exam to enable them choose students for their undergraduate law degrees. The exam does not assess your legal or other knowledge. Rather, it assists universities in determining your aptitude for the abilities needed to study law. The LNAT assists universities in making more equal decisions among the numerous qualified individuals that apply to their undergraduate law degrees. There are two parts to the test: multiple choice questions based on text passages and an essay.

What is the the LNAT test fee ?

The LNAT test costs EUR 75 (5,885) for students from the United Kingdom and the European Union, and EUR 120 (INR 10,089) for students from other countries.

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Benefits from the LNAT :

  • It allows colleges to assess an international candidate's English language proficiency without forcing them to take additional examinations like the International English Testing System (IELTS) or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (TOEFL). Best LNAT Prep Course

  • It is the only test established solely for law, and LNAT universities utilise it for both single subject and dual LLB degrees, such as Law with Chemistry, French, German, Accountancy, or Management.

  • It provides a fair and objective means of separating the many exceptional candidates that apply each year.

  • Because it evaluates potential rather than achievement, it takes positive steps toward increasing participation in higher education. This implies they can spot talent in people who lack traditional academic credentials but show an aptitude for law through strong performance in the LNAT.

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