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Back-To-School Items That You Havenít Thought of for Your Child

by Rayanne Morriss - 06 Sep 2022, Tuesday 121 Views Like (0)
Back-To-School Items That You Havenít Thought of for Your Child

The back to school shopping season starts earlier and earlier every year. Many stores now let you pick up supplies in July and even June. While you might think you have plenty of time to pick up your child's essentials, you may find yourself rushing around at the last minute to grab those last few things. Even if you feel prepared and think you have what they need, there's a good chance you'll see some items on this list that you didn't consider or think your student needed.


Many high schools require that students have either a graphing or scientific calculator when they take algebra and other advanced classes. If you usually spend $100 on all of the supplies your child needs, you'll find yourself shocked at paying around the same amount for just one tool. Scientific and graphing calculators are helpful tools though because many students use them in both high school and college. As the technology doesn't change much, you have the option of buying a used one to save a little money. TI-83 and similar models are just as popular today as they were years ago.

Laptop or Tablet

Students today need some type of computer. Between all of the available apps and programs, they can easily do their homework and work on upcoming projects. They can even pick out custom laptop cases that let them personalize their laptops. Tablets are an alternative that some kids prefer. As tablets are smaller and weigh less, kids can easily slip them in their backpacks without wasting a lot of space. They can use a tablet to take notes in their classes and check their email. Tablets let them download apps to stay connected with their families and do homework, too.

Stain Remover

When you think of school supplies, you probably think of pencils and notebooks or similar goodies you can pick up at any office supply store. One simple thing you might leave off your list is stain remover. Stain remover pens are easy to use and come in individual packages and sets of three or more pens. If your child can use a pen to write, they can use a stain remover pen. It lets them treat stains they get on the playground or in the cafeteria and can make their school clothes last a little longer. Consider placing one in the pocket of their backpack.

Hand Sanitizer

As a parent, you know the havoc that cold and flu season can do on your home. Between the germs you pick up at work and those your kids bring home from school, your whole family can pass around a simple virus and affect everyone. Hand sanitizer is just one of the tools that students can use to stay healthy. It now comes in small bottles that are perfect for tucking in their bags or lockers. You'll also find some bottles with decorations that kids can show off to their friends.


When you get your child ready for school, consider adding wipes to their bags. Disinfecting wipes give kids an easy way to get rid of germs in shared spaces. They can use one on their table in the cafeteria or in a restaurant where they eat with friends. Disinfecting wipes work just as well on their lockers and desks. As the wipes kill so many types of germs, they help your child and family stay safe. Consider giving your child personal care wipes like baby wipes, too. Unscented wipes are usually the best. Kids can wipe off their hands and faces before or after they eat and whenever they want to feel fresh. Baby wipes come in travel containers that easily fit in a backpack.


Back to school supplies usually include traditional things like paper and pencils or pens. Always check with your child's school as they have lists that show all of the items that they need. You'll find standard supplies for your child and some supplies that they share with the whole class such as tissues. Once you take care of that list, think about some school supplies that you probably didn't consider. While they aren't among the first things you buy, they have some nice benefits for your child. Think about items like wipes and hand sanitizer.