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Bimm Pune Courses

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Bimm Pune Courses

BIMM Pune Courses


For those who want to be a manager, the BIMM Pune Course is one of the best options available. It has been one of the most reputed institutes in India and students from all over the world take admitted into its courses. This article gives an overview of Balaji Institute of Modern Management Pune Courses and Ranking as well as Admission Procedure for this institute. We also discuss Placements and Fee Structure so that you can make an informed decision before applying for any course offered by Balaji Institute of Modern Management Pune.

Balaji Institute of Modern Management Pune Courses

Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM) Pune offers a wide range of courses that are designed to help you gain the knowledge and skills required to get ahead in today’s competitive world. The institute is an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute with a proven track record, which has been able to create an environment where students can learn at their own pace with the help of highly qualified faculty members who have worked at top companies across India.

The following are some important facts about BIMM Pune Courses:

  • Ranking - The ranking for BIMM Pune Courses is very high compared with other similar institutes throughout India; this shows how dedicated they are to providing quality education for their students!
  • Admission process – It takes around 1-2 months before admission into any course offered by this institute begins so there aren't many students who apply at once but when they do find out about it they will fill up almost immediately because everyone wants something new under their belt every day!

BIMM Pune Courses

BIMM Pune is one of the best management institutes in India. It offers courses like BBA, MBA, and PGDM which are considered top-notch programs to pursue your degree. The institute has been running for three decades now and has trained students from all over the country who are looking forward to getting admission into their desired courses at this institution. The institute has been providing exceptional education facilities to its students so that they can undergo a successful career path after graduation from this institute. The tuition fee for each course is different depending on your choice of specializations or subjects available at the time you apply for admission into BIMM Pune College etc.

Ranking of Balaji Institute of Modern Management

Balaji Institute of Modern Management is a top-ranked B-School in India and it is ranked 9th in the country. It is also ranked 5th in the state of Maharashtra, 1st in Pune city, and 2nd among all management institutes in Maharashtra. The institute offers undergraduate courses including Bachelor of Commerce (BCom), Bachelor of Science (BSc), and Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communication Engineering (BSECE). Postgraduate courses include MBA, PGDM, etc., which are offered by this institution as well as other institutions like Manipal University or Xavier’s Institute Of Management Studies And Research Pvt Ltd.

Admission to Balaji Institute of Modern Management

You can apply for admission to the Balaji Institute of Modern Management if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a citizen of India and possess an acceptable degree in any discipline from any recognized University or Institution.
  • The age of the applicant should not be less than 18 years as of the last date for withdrawal from this course and must not have been completed more than two years after graduation (as of April 1st, 2019).
  • The candidate should have passed Class XII with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate along with an English Language paper from any recognized Board/University with a minimum of 45% marks at 10+2 level before applying for this course.

Placements of Balaji Institute of Modern Management

The average salary of a student at Balaji Institute of Modern Management is Rs.2,00,000 per annum. This can vary depending on the location and experience you have as an employee. Your salary will also depend on whether you are working full-time or part-time at the institute. In Pune: The average salary for someone who works full time at this college is Rs.1,10,000 per month (approximately). If you want to work part-time then it would be around Rs.5500/- per month which makes sense since most students don't have jobs outside their classes during classes themselves so they need something extra on top besides tuition money

Balaji Institute of Modern Management Fee Structure

  • The institute's fee structure is calculated based on 2% of total annual income per annum or Rs. 170,000/- (Indian students), 4% of total annual income per annum or Rs. 440,000/- (foreign students), etc.
  • The application form has to be filled in in a single copy and signed by all the members of your family as well as by yourself.
  • If a candidate fails to submit any proof regarding his/her admission eligibility criteria then he/she will not be considered for admission into BIMM Pune Course

The student is required to submit a copy of his/her high school, intermediate, and degree certificates along with the application form. The student has to ensure that he/she meets all the admission eligibility criteria of BIMM Pune. A photocopy of the passport must also be submitted for verification purposes. Last but not least, the student must carry a letter from his/her employer confirming his/her identity as an employee to be considered eligible for this course.


One of Pune's top universities is BIMM Pune. It is a co-educational institute that offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Business Management and Information Technology. The infrastructure of BIMM Pune is also very impressive and the faculty members are well qualified to teach students as they have good experience in their respective fields of education. This college has been consistently recognized by various organizations and awards like “AIIMS”, “IIMA” etc...