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Dissertation vs Thesis Whatís the Difference

by Ruby Singh - 18 Aug 2022, Thursday 143 Views Like (0)
Dissertation vs Thesis Whatís the Difference

Educational institutions use various methods to check students' abilities and skills in their discipline. They can be all semester-long assignments or end-of-semester papers. Two of such documents are the thesis and dissertation. For students completing their higher studies, these two scholarly documents are the most challenging end-of-semester assignments that they must complete. However, if you think both are the same, you are in the wrong. Both are a bit different from each other. Look at the following information to understand what separates these two writing instruments. Assignment Mavens is one of the best choices for students for academic writing.


The thesis is a document used to check a student's aptitude and knowledge in a particular subject, whereas a dissertation explores the field in a broader sense. A thesis is concerned with just a subject, but a dissertation examines all the aspects of your field of study. However, despite their subtle difference in definition, both differ significantly in how a student approaches them. 

Educational Level

This is where they show their main differences from each other. A thesis is assigned to a master's program student, while a dissertation is solely a doctorate-level assignment. However, the thesis can be given to a PhD student, but the dissertation cannot be assigned to a master's student. Both have their place in educational levels, but dissertations are considered more thorough, thus holding more value in a student's academic career. 

Research Work

At the heart of these two scholarly documents is research work. While both require immense research, a dissertation often is more complicated; a thesis requires you to research a particular subject. As a result, you might find other authors' work, research it and build your analysis from there. However, a dissertation is an entirely original research work meaning you will be working on something new. You will be the sole researcher and writer, making the piece unique and original, not found anywhere else. In fact, this is the reason why dissertations are harder because there is no previous research as a reference point like in a thesis. A dissertation is based on a hypothesis and checks the same through original research, while a thesis elaborates on existing research. A thesis can be inspired by a dissertation but not the other way around. 


A thesis is often presented in written form; however, you will also be presenting it orally. However, a dissertationís main attraction is its oral presentation. You will be writing it, but it's incomplete if not presented in front of a panel of experts mainly comprising your professors and other aces of the field. Another key difference is the duration of such presentations. For example, a thesis can be presented within an hour; however, a dissertation takes a couple of hours. This is due to the cross-questioning from the experts, which is an essential part of the process. A thesis is finalized quickly, but it takes time for the panel to ascertain the originality of the content and authenticity of research in a dissertation. 


When compared to a dissertation, a thesis is relatively short. A thesis is atleast a hundred pages long, whereas a dissertation can be 2-3 times more than that. In fact, you can find dissertations as long as 500 pages, making them a harder assignment than a thesis. However, since dissertations are original research work, the student will remain the author. The student cannot claim sole ownership of the thesis since it's not based on an original concept. 


While both scholarly instruments take much time to research and write, dissertations are usually more time-consuming. A thesis is completed in a month; this is why students don't know the topic until the end of their program. However, dissertations take a couple of months and sometimes years to complete, depending on the field of study. Dissertations are a continuous project, meaning a student will come up with a hypothesis early on and work on it throughout their doctorate program. The professor assigns a thesis topic, making it a bit easier for the student to gather and analyze research material. 

Faculty Assistance

You will receive some form of assistance from your professors in constructing both documents; however, there can be exceptions. A professor might not assist you in gathering and analyzing research work, which makes it a challenge for students. But you will need an advisor or a dissertation supervisor to complete the research for a dissertation paper. Sometimes a student and the supervisor will research together to prove a particular hypothesis in a dissertation. 

Despite crucial differences in both scholarly documents, the fact remains that both are hard to complete. Students often lose sleep or come under stress to deliver both in time. However, smart planning and dedication are the keys to completing these challenging assignments. Therefore, take your time and trust your abilities while writing and presenting these documents. For more info visit: