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Distinctive Journey of Pritish Kumar Halder

by Pritish Kumar Halder - 08 Jul 2022, Friday 574 Views Like (0)
Distinctive Journey of Pritish Kumar Halder

Someone is born with special and unique qualities that will bloom ahead in life as bright sunshine that make them a well-known personality all over the world through the knowledge and talent skills of that person. One of them is Pritish Kumar Halder (PK Halder), who is an extremely skilled and scholarly person and has many wide experiences in the field of programming languages and updated technologies. 

Pritish has vast experience and is a well-informative person about programming languages, technologies, and computers as well. He is quite hard working and a multi-skilled person who has made this possible to learn more new things with all dedication and passion to reap the fruitful result ahead. 

PK Halder is so talented and professional person with maximum technical and programming skills as he dealt with many companies' experiences, he knows what business demands for growth and development, thus due to his excellence and wide experience in the market make him so prominent in the world. 

How Pritish is so different?

The difference between an intelligent and average has a very fine layer and Pritish has overcome that gap layer to become such a great and inordinate personality. His extensive experience makes him a person with excellence. A few of his experiences are shared below;

  • 21+ years of Software Developer to Senior Software Developer Experience
  • 15+ years of solid experience in Java/JEE/JSE/JSP development
  • 15+ year ColdFusion
  • 7+ years PHP experience, 1+ years Drupal PHP experience
  • 6+ years experience in Web portal application development
  • 6+ years of extensive and hands on experience in developing multi-tiered e-Commerce applications
  • 3+ years experience in ERP solution development
  • 5+ years experience in Relational Databases applications with Oracle, MS SQL Server 2000/08, MySQL
  • 7+ years in Eclipse with the integration of Ant, SVN version control, MS VSS, and Tomcat
  • 6+ years of JavaScript, Ajax, JSON, JQuery, Ext JS, and Sencha Touch in expertise level
  • Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) on J2EE Platform, Java Programmer (SCJP)

Professional Highlights of Pritish Kumar Halder:

Pritish is full of good attributes and talents, his technical qualities make him so different and informative from others. Along with his eminent knowledge, he has enormous experience in technologies and programming languages with the higher professional skills. Some of his skills highlights are mentioned below;

  • Software Architecture: RUP, UML, OOAD, Design Patterns, Extreme Programming (Agile), Data Modeling, OLAP, Rational Rose.
  • Programming Languages: Java/JEE/JSE, EJB, Servlets, JSP, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Ajax, PHP, Visual Basic, ColdFusion,ASP,.Net, JDBC, JavaBeans, JavaMail, Swing, Applets, AWT, XML, FORTRAN, SOA, SOAP, POI, FOP, Ant, JUnit, Log4j.
  • Internet (Web) related Technologies: HTML, DHTML, XHTML,JSF, CSS, CSS2, XSl/XSLT, JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery,JSON, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, JSTL,Chart (HighChart, gRaphael,chart js,float, Sencha).
  • RDBMS and Database Programming: Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, SQL, JDBC.
  • Development IDEs and Tools: Eclipse, JBuilder, RAD/WSAD, Bugzilla, Fiddler, CVS, Rational Rose.
  • Web / Application Servers: Tomcat, JRun, IIS, JBoss, ColdFusion.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP, DOS.

In the end, the aforesaid information is quite genuine and authentic and is reliable as well. Pritish Kumar Halder is a  well-educated and talented person full of qualities and experiences in the field of programming languages, databases, and technologies. His huge knowledge and great experience make him a person who is well-known today in the world.