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Garden City University Reviews

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Garden City University Reviews

Garden City University Reviews

Reviews about Garden City University in Bangalore

The university has a 27-year heritage of helping thousands of people realize their ambitions. Garden City University is very capable of providing its students with superior education and respectable placements. The atmosphere at the institution is generally positive and inspiring for both lecturers and students. The statutory councils have recognized and authorized the programs at this university. After graduating, students who wish to enroll in the relevant courses might anticipate having a successful career.

Regarding students' attendance in their lessons, the university is highly demanding. The classes are frequently held by concerned teaching staff from 9 AM to 3 PM. Teachers are quite amiable. At this university, the amenities are of the highest caliber.

Alumni of the university praise it for its educational offerings. The graduates are employed by well-known companies and receive competitive pay. The university pats itself on the back for having graduated more than 45,000 alumni since it opened. Students from nearly 81 different countries come here to forge their futures. The GCU family is flourishing and has been steadily expanding. The administrative staff at GCU works hard to improve the university's current situation. Students can easily comprehend what they can get from the institution by reading The Garden City University Review.

The campus's top-notch facilities have been included by the university administration.

  1. Library:

A very beautifully constructed library is available for students to use on the university campus. It is connected via a network so that professors and students can access databases, books, research papers, and other materials available in distant locations for academic purposes. The library offers a wide range of genres, including fiction novels, periodicals, magazines, and subject books. The guidelines set forth by the library are expected to be rigorously adhered to. With the appropriate ID card, the students can access the library. They have a set period to borrow the book.

  1. Cafeteria:

The cafeteria offers students refreshments like snacks, tea, coffee, etc. The students can also gather indoors to chat and share ideas. The costs of the things are lower for the students than outside.

  1. Infrastructure:

The GCU, which is situated in the center of Bangalore, offers top-notch facilities and a supportive environment for learning.

  1. Classroom:

The university's classrooms are very open and roomy. The classrooms have a projector and screen so that students can study the material visually.

  1. Hostel:

The university's hostel campus features very opulent lodging facilities. It offers separate hostel amenities for males and girls. The pupils can have a single-occupancy room with a refrigerator and air conditioning. There are additional accommodations for two and three people.

Admission in Garden City University

Thousands of applicants apply each year for the many majors this university offers. The admissions procedure at Garden City University is open and ongoing. A pool of admission staff members at this university facilitates the application procedure for the programs methodically and effectively. The university's admissions office is the only one with the specific responsibility of answering any questions prospective students may have.

Process for Admission to Garden City University:

  • Candidates must register online and validate their mail ID.
  • After submitting their application for admission to register mail ID successfully, candidates will receive a set of instructions and a registration number.
  • The candidates who are currently in attendance can finish their admission paperwork by following the instructions.
  • After paying the price, get your ID card.

Eligibility requirements for Garden City University:

  1. Candidates who have completed their higher secondary education, pre-university college, intermediate education, or 10+2 in the relevant stream are eligible to apply for the UG program.
  2. Candidates who want to pursue graduate study must have a Bachelor's degree in the relevant field.
  3. The candidates' success on their qualifying entrance tests determines whether they will be admitted to the various programs.
  4. Following a round of interviews conducted by the institution and the payment of the admission fee, the seats for the various programs are confirmed.
  5. Admission to the MBA program is contingent on passing the XAT, CAT, or MAT exam, which is followed by a group discussion and a round of individual interviews.

Hostel for Garden City University

The Garden City University Hostel campus offers sufficient, up-to-date facilities for the students. Both boys and girls can stay in the accommodations. The hostel rooms are spotless and have good ventilation. The rooms also come with Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, the hostel has a common area where the students can engage in group projects or other creative activities. Students can play indoor games on the hostel campus as well. Students can exercise and maintain their fitness in the hostel's on-site gym. Additionally, a warden is chosen to oversee hostel operations. The food served by the mess is wholesome and hygienic. The cost of the hostel varies according to the kind of lodging.