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How to Train for Cert Iv Tesol Course?

by Sydney Higher Education Institute - 07 Sep 2022, Wednesday 153 Views Like (0)
How to Train for Cert Iv Tesol Course?

The main objective of Cert IV TESOL is to create knowledgeable and skilled, entry-level teachers, tutors and teaching assistants of English as a Second Language (ESL) or a foreign language (EFL). It will also help experienced, but uncertified English teachers gain a formal qualification in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).

TESOL will teach aspirant teachers to brush up on their English language skills and develop other skills in lesson planning, classroom management, resource preparation and presentation techniques. They will aid EFL and ESL learners in enhancing their speaking, listening, writing, reading, pronunciation and grammar skills.

Taking a TESOL certificate program is the steppingstone to a rewarding career. But with so many options of courses out there, including TESOL online courses, one may be confused about which to select. To get prepared for the best TESOL course, one can use the following tips:

Volunteer Before The Course

Many TESOL aspirants are worried that they don’t have teaching practice, but there is no need to worry about this account. Teaching experience is not a prerequisite for the TESOL course, and the TESOL program will teach all aspects of structure, planning, preparation, and reflection on one’s class.

One positive thing one can do is to seek opportunities to volunteer to teach English within one’s community. One will find that many universities and institutes are seeking volunteers to teach English.

One can volunteer as a language partner in student exchange programs and help international students practice critical conversational skills or as a tutor to help brush up on grammar and writing skills. One can also volunteer for senior homes, after-school programs, churches, local scout groups etc. This way, one can test one’s taste for teaching and decide which age groups one likes to work with.

Define One’s Target

One must ask oneself, ‘What do I intend to do after completing the TESOL course?’. Completing a TESOL certificate program throws myriad opportunities to teach English worldwide, including in the native country.

The target of some TESOL aspirants may be to teach English in foreign countries so they can enjoy a global adventure. Some of them may be targeting specific countries like the US and Australia. If one is undecided about one’s target, the TESOL program can help one gain valuable insights and experience that will help make up one’s mind. One can also get guidance from one’s TESOL instructor.

Find One’s Ideal Course

The search for a TESOL program can seem overwhelming with so many options like independent institutes, colleges and universities. No matter whether one opts for an extended part-time course of 3 months or a tightly packed, intensive one-month program, one can take the following steps to take a decision confidently:

  • First, conduct some research on the institution or college where one intends to take the TESOL course. This includes TESOL online coursesPlease pay a visit to their websites and browse through their program details. Seek testimonials and comments from former students. Look through the staff directory and find the qualities of instructors who will teach one. Find out the Certifications of such instructors.
  • Look out for programs which provide both practical and theoretical knowledge. These will provide hands-on experience in teaching. It is vital to have the opportunity to take classes before instructors who will observe one and offer valuable feedback for enhancing one’s teaching methods. Seek programs that focus on experiential learning; this is philosophy teachers learn best through actual, practical teaching.
  • Lastly, contact the institution or school which one is considering seriously. Seek a tour of the school and a meeting with a future instructor before one applies. This is the best opportunity to clear one’s doubts, introduce oneself and explain one’s goals. One can also do well to seek access to references to check out their opinion about the school.

Observe A TESOL Class

When one observes veteran teachers of TESOL taking actual, live classes, one can get a good feel of what a career in TESOL might look like for oneself. Devote some time searching for local language schools or reading about programs on their websites. Get in touch with the school that appeals to one the most and request them to grant permission to observe their TESOL courses live for one or two hours.

One can observe in person, through Zoom meetings, or any other video platform. Note that one is not there to interact with either students or instructors but only to observe and listen. Take a notebook along and make notes. Note which activities students participated in the most, what happened when students did not understand the content, or what instructions the teacher gave.

In sum, whether one is a new aspirant teacher or an experienced veteran, a Cert IV TESOL qualification can indeed offer practical approaches and tools for creating a student-focused, dynamic learning environment. A TESOL certificate will be a perpetually rewarding gift if one is passionate about teaching English.