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Ib Schools in Singapore: In-Depth Guide

by Aslam ali - 08 Aug 2022, Monday 261 Views Like (0)
Ib Schools in Singapore: In-Depth Guide

Every parent must choose the right school for their child as he begins his educational journey. Moreover, even if you plan to change school during the secondary phase, it is significant to do thorough research and make an informed decision. Education is the basis that helps build a promising future and a fruitful career for your child. Hence, the curriculum choice and teaching methodology need to be perfect. 

Most parents prefer choosing the international school of Singapore, as they are better aware of the significance of quality education. They understand that providing all the amenities and the apt curriculum will help their child excel, which is only possible at an IB school. If you are also a parent sailing in the same boat, there are plenty of reasons for choosing an IB international school. 

How IB schools in Singapore are an apt choice

Promising Curriculum Plan

IB curriculum is the most trusted in Singapore, divided into three levels, namely:

  • Primary Year Program (PYP)
  • Middle Year Program (MYP)
  • Diploma Program (DP)

The coursework gets strategically divided into these three levels, and after they complete schooling, children are ready to grab better opportunities. Additionally, the teaching methodologies adopted under IB are supportive and have the vision to make learning fun for every student. 

Global Exposure

When you choose an international school, it provides better global exposure to your child. These schools have branches in different parts of the globe. So, they keep organizing events and cultural exchange programs. Through these programs, students get a better idea of the outside world, and this exposure helps them learn how to adapt to any environment. It works best when you want to send your child to another country for higher education. 

Academic Excellence

IB is a universally recognized curriculum plan, and on top of it, if you choose an international school in Singapore, excellence increases too many folds. This is because these schools emphasize academics and put all the effort into ensuring that education remains the priority. However, you can also check the academic records of the school to get assurance that their students have been doing great over the years. 

Holistic Development

International schools always focus on the holistic development of every child. They provide skill-building classes to ensure every child learns the necessary life skills, preparing them for the competitive world. Moreover, they also offer opportunities in sports, fine arts, and other areas of learning, ensuring a child gets to figure out his interests and decide in which field he wants to proceed. 

There are plenty of other features that make an IB school the ideal choice for your child. Students completing their education from these renowned institutes have the edge over others and grab better opportunities in higher education. Moreover, as they are skilled and intellectually strong, they can do even better on the professional front. So while choosing a school, every parent should explore the IB options available in their area. Check the amenities and curriculum plan thoroughly to decide where you want to enrol your child. Stay informed and make wise decisions as it directly impacts your child’s life.