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India’s Top Residential Boarding Schools Are Located in Gurgaon, Delhi Ncr.

by John Murphy - 07 Jul 2022, Thursday 306 Views Like (0)
India’s Top Residential Boarding Schools Are Located in Gurgaon, Delhi Ncr.

The best Boarding schools in India include GD Goenka World School, which is also a day boarding school. The school's campus is made to give dwelling scholars privacy and independence as well as the possibility to interact with members of a vibrant, international community who have chosen to make this lovely, tranquil campus their permanent home. As a result, pupils may consider applying to GD Goenka, one of the greatest schools in India.



The Gurgaon city center is about a 30-minute drive from the Delhi-based residential school, GD Goenka World School. The Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is about an hour's drive from the school, making this area a top choice for boarding schools close to the Delhi NCR.

One of the nation's residential schools that are easiest to get to is GD Goenka. The GDGWS is easily reachable from the Millennium City and offers boarding at a facility that is completely air-conditioned, away from the city's noise and pollution, with open, lush green spaces and several playing fields. The school's borders benefit from having no travel time and are housed in nice conditions.


The best living accommodations are offered to students at GD Goenka Signature School, which strives to be among the best residential institutions.

The main school building, the playing fields, the fitness facility, and the main dining hall are all within easy walking distance of the boarding homes, which are situated in the middle of the school.

One of the greatest boarding schools in India, the school campus provides the most comfortable setting with completely air-conditioned boarding amenities. The rooms in the boarding homes contain space for up to 8 pupils. With parquet floors, expansive windows, bright upholstery, and private cupboards, the rooms are well decorated.

 Children who share a room have access to an adjacent bathroom with a shower and a toilet. The school is among the top boarding schools close to Delhi NCR since it has separate boarding houses for boys and girls with the same facilities.

Being one of the best boarding schools in Gurgaon is GD Goenka's goal. We also put a lot of effort into creating a paradise for ladies. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the top girls boarding school in India.


As one of the best residential schools in Gurgaon, Delhi, our common areas are comfortable and promote learning. The common areas offer students a comfortable space to decompress and are furnished with designated study tables, a TV for entertainment, and a refrigerator.

Two rooms share a common area. In addition to the previously mentioned amenities, all common areas include high-speed internet connection and network ports, which is something that is not often present in boarding schools near Delhi.


We're the top boarding school in the nation because of our emphasis on the welfare and care of our students. According to procedures used by the best boarding schools in India, houseparents are assigned to each level of the boarding complex to support and give each student individualized attention while also assisting in upholding discipline.

 Each house parent places a high value on getting to know the kids on an individual basis to make sure that each student receives the attention they deserve.

The dorm rooms, study units, and common areas are also frequently inspected by house parents to make sure every student maintains personal hygiene and order. Houseparents are vital in creating a loving atmosphere for kids and collaborating closely with kids who require more help.

They also communicate with parents via phone or email, giving them regular information on the welfare of their kids. House-parents are well supported in their responsibilities by a medical and housekeeping crew. Our boarding school in the NCR is dedicated to the welfare and security of its pupils as a result.


Undoubtedly, private schools offer a more individualized and student-centered approach to your children's education, but boarding schools help your young stay on task. Your child can stay more focused on their studies and personal growth when they attend the top boarding school around Delhi rather than diverting their attention to unimportant distractions.