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Indian Academy Bangalore Fee Structure

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Indian Academy Bangalore Fee Structure

Indian Academy Bangalore Fee Structure


Indian Academy Bangalore is one of India's premier institutions, offering students the best quality education. Many reputed and renowned national and international agencies have ranked the institute among the top institutes. The institution provides various courses including Bachelor's Degree (, Bachelor's Degree (BBA), Bachelor's Degree (B. Sc), and other Post Graduate Courses.

More information about Indian Academy Bangalore

It is affiliated with the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). The institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in engineering disciplines such as civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

The course structure at this institute includes three-year Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) degree courses leading to a bachelor's degree or an equivalent qualification at the end of their four years’ duration commencing from their first year of study: BArch Architecture; BE(Electrical) Electrical Engineering; BE(Civil Engg) Civil Engineering; BE(Mechanical Engg) Mechanical Engineering; BE(Chemical Engg) Chemical Engineering etc.

Indian Academy Courses

Indian Academy offers a wide range of courses. These include Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering (BSc), Master in Management Studies (MMS), Master's degree in Digital Marketing for both Full-Time & Part-time students.

It provides specialized courses such as MBA with specialization in Human Resource Management, MCA with specialization in Information Technology Management, etc.; these are offered by their School of Business & Management Studies at the campus in the city center located at Koramangala Extension 2nd Stage; they have around 500 students enrolled every year on these programs!

Indian Academy Degree College has a Scholarship facility

This Academy has a scholarship facility and the students can avail of this facility by qualifying through entrance exams, or by being recommended by the college authorities.

  • Meritorious students: Meritorious students are those who have scored well in their written exams and interviews conducted by us. They are awarded scholarships according to their performance in studies and extracurricular activities during school and/or college days.
  • Economically backward students: Economically backward students are those who come from economically backward families and cannot afford to pay higher fees for education if they don't get any financial help from their parents/relatives/friends etcetera which makes it difficult for them to pursue their studies effectively due to lack of resources at their disposal like transport facilities etcetera so this kind of candidates require financial assistance so that they can continue pursuing their education without any hindrance whatsoever

Fee Structure For BCA, BBA, B Com Courses.

  • BCA Course Fees:
  • Rs. 60,000 (Rs. 60000) for the academic year 2019-20
  • Rs. 70,000 (Rs. 7000) for the academic year 2020-21
  • BBA Course Fees:
  • Rs. 85,000 (Rs. 8500) for the academic year 2019-20
  • Rs 90,000(90k)for 2020-21

The fees for the course are as follows: Rs. 1,30,000 (Rs 130000) per year for 2019-20 and 2020-21.

The Indian Academy Bangalore Course Fees Details

At Indian Academy BangaloreFee Structure, there are a lot of courses and programs that can be taken up. The institute offers various courses in different areas like business administration and management, computer science, engineering, etc. However, these courses do not offer the same fee structure across all the institutes or their branches. Here we will discuss the course fees in its branches:

The first step towards admission into this college is paying an application fee of Rs 5000/- per annum which includes hostel charges as well as other expenses incurred during the admission process like registration fees etc. After completing this formality then you have to attend an entrance test along with paying Rs 1000/- (non-refundable) for each section separately depending upon your preparation level in each section; if you score above 80% marks then you will be eligible for appearing in next round called ‘Centralized Counseling’ where around 100 students compete against each other based on their subject score out of total 100 marks obtained through written test followed by personal interview conducted on day 1 itself which lasts approximately 2 hours long with some questions asked from both sides ie Gk/physics/chemistry, etc…


We at Indian Academy Bangalore are excited about the future and we look forward to providing our best learning environment for all students. The fee structure is one of the important factors to consider before you apply for admission.