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Kns Institute of Technology Placements

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Kns Institute of Technology Placements

KNS Institute Of Technology Placements

KNSIT Placements

Records of placements at KNS Institute of Technology demonstrate the institute's constancy in this area. The exceptional placement support offered by KNSIT's Bachelor of Engineering program is one of the main benefits. Through its training and placement department, the college has a very effective placement training program.

KNSIT has a lot of advantages because of its location in Bangalore. Bangalore is well-known throughout the world as a centre for IT outsourcing. Investments totaling billions of dollars flow into the city every year. This has increased the need for qualified sound engineers. starting at the beginning Many international companies, like Amazon, Oracle, and Accenture, among others, consider KNSIT to be an excellent market to acquire some significant tech talent because the institute is dedicated to producing exceptional workers.

Program for Student Training

KNSIT Impressive placement statistics are largely attributable to the strategy used by the college as part of the student training program. In the modern world, employability has surpassed unemployment as the top issue. Companies are always looking for trained and certified students who will fit the tasks they need to fill with less effort. In other words, people need to be prepared for work. Every single time, it is the academic curriculum that is last to take into account developments in the market and in the sector. In order to increase student employability, institutions must immediately adopt the most recent advancements in technology, the economy, and industrial needs.

There are plenty of opportunities available in the economy, and recruiters are always on the hunt for pupils that match their employment requirements or profile. A corporation will need to devote additional resources, time, and money to make its hires competent once it realizes they are not job-ready. Due to this problem, many businesses are compelled to pay significant training costs or choose to hire applicants with past experience, which results in the loss of job possibilities for fresh graduates.

In order to improve the abilities of its students and assist them in obtaining excellent jobs, KNSIT has developed a comprehensive placement training program. Three primary elements have received the most attention:

  1. Soft Skills Training
  2. Placement Preparation
  3. Certification Programmes

All KNSIT students are required to participate in intensive soft skills training to develop their interpersonal skills, personal appearance, personalities, and manners, among other things. This significantly aids in boosting their self-assurance and also facilitates more effective social interaction. KNSIT has gone one step further by working with eminent organizations to offer certification programs in pertinent domain areas that assist students to develop their professional abilities. The College substantially underwrites these programs, making them more accessible to students.

Finally, students are required to go through a rigorous placement preparation process. Here, they receive instruction in creating a CV, taking part in individual interviews, and participating in group discussions (GDs). Personal interviews and dummy general meetings are frequently held. The same is captured on video for evaluation purposes. Many well-known HR specialists from prominent organizations are invited to the campus as part of counseling, giving students the ability to connect with them and learn what companies demand from them. Guest lectures are crucial for advising students on how to get ready for their ideal jobs. The management's efforts in the area of placements have helped KNS College Of Engineering Bangalore Reviews garner a lot of support.

Admission to KNSIT Bangalore

The focus of KNSIT Bangalore's engineering program is on high-growth areas, or areas that are likely to provide students with excellent opportunities to find employment in both the current and future labor markets.

General requirements for admission to KNSIT include:

  1. 10+2/Higher Secondary Certificate in Physics, Chemistry, and Math with a minimum grade of 45% is the minimal need for eligibility.
  2. Candidates are chosen for admission to the Bachelor of Engineering programs based on their performance in the JEE, ComedK, and KCET (Karnataka Common Entrance Test), as well as during institute-conducted interviews.
  3. Additionally, KNSIT accepts results from entrance exams like JEE Main and COMED-K.

Admissions Procedure into B.E. programs:

  • The candidate would have a scheduled interview.
  • At KNSIT, telephone interviews are frequently conducted.
  • All candidates who have been chosen will be notified and enrolled in the appropriate programs following the payment of fees in accordance with the "Fee Structure."
  • All applicants must present the original paperwork when applying for admission.
  • All applications for admission to KNSIT must be approved by Visvesvaraya Technological University.
  • Foreign applicants for admission to the college must fulfill the appropriate requirements.
  • They need a current student visa.
  • a passport photocopy.
  • An approved residential permit is required.
  • Students who have successfully passed their respective qualifying examinations from a recognized international university must get the Eligibility Certificate from Visvesvaraya Technological University.

KNS Institute Of Technology Fee Structure

For students, the KNS Institute of Technology's fee structure is particularly alluring. The perception that engineering is a costly endeavor is a major factor in why many students decide against enrolling in the program. Although it may be the case at many institutions, KNSIT does not operate in that manner. The management wants to offer technical education of the highest caliber at the most reasonable prices. The extremely affordable program fees have strengthened applicants' resolve to pick this institution above others. Additionally, the placements are solid and offer chances to earn a fair salary, which will aid in covering previous course-related expenses.