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Learn Canadian French Online in an Easy Way

by Derek Murphy - 06 Jul 2022, Wednesday 311 Views Like (0)
Learn Canadian French Online in an Easy Way

Learning a new language can be very tedious. However, learning the native language wherever we reside can be highly beneficial to us. As communication is the fundamental tool necessary to survive learning the appropriate language also becomes crucial. Most of us tend to migrate out of our home country to pursue higher education, jobs, or for many other different reasons. While doing so, it can get really cumbersome and pose a challenge while commuting in the country. Therefore, learning their native language can come in handy and be of great help. 

How is Canadian French different from Paris French?

One of the most commonly visited countries is Canada. Canada bags the highest number of immigrants too. Although English is their native language, Canadian French is their other widely spoken and used language too. It is as equally used and spoken as English. Hence, French and English together comprise the official languages of Canada. It is mostly spoken in Quebec. Most of all, this Canadian French has its own unique history to which its features can be attributed to, and the very same features that make it stand afar from its European roots in French.

This is otherwise addressed as Quebec French too. When the demographics of Canadian French are sorted, all the points are directed toward Quebec, as it is the only place where the number of native speakers are in majority. Despite there being citizens in all the provinces of Canada, Quebec stands as the capital for people who hold French as their mother tongue. 

So, if you're looking to migrate or visit or tour Canada, and especially the Quebec provinces, then learning Canadian French must be on top of your list. 

How to learn ?

Firstly, once you have decided to learn Canadian French, then there are many portals and coaching centres that offer a plethora of Canadian French courses. According to your convenience, you can choose the mode of study, which is either online or offline. Few might wonder if Paris French would work in Canada, to their disappointment many people have reported it is absolutely difficult to communicate in Montreal despite knowing Paris French. Hence, learning Canadian French is vital if you are planning a visit to the province of Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa. However, those possessing a piece of basic knowledge of Paris French can cope with Canadian French through just a small Canadian crash course.

The main difference between Canadian and Paris French is the dialects, rather than the written form which remains absolutely the same between both forms. The phonetics and vocabulary vary.As stated above, there are many Canadian French courses available for you to choose from. If you want a more flexible schedule, then learning Canadian French online will be suitable. One such repotted platform is Language 101, it offers a package in its program that would cover all the basics and make you fluent enough to engage in fluent communication. Apart from that, their program also has an additional service of teaching you Canadian french along with a Paris French accent too.

A brief detailing of the features of the Canadian French: 

Canadian French is said to sound more casual and colloquial with the addition of many English derivatives in its dialect. It also claimed to sound a lot happier than the Paris French.


 In conclusion, learning Canadian french isnít a menace, rather quite an easy task. All you have to do is, browse for the best academies or centers offering programs on teaching Canadian French. Choose the one that has quite the reputation and is regarded on a high note in its ratings. Few of the courses online can be tailored to your preferences too. Hence, pick the one that best suits you. Learning offline can be more beneficial as you get the opportunity to interact with your fellow colleagues too, that is an impeccable way of improving your slang in the language.