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Looking for the Best Bjmc College in Greater Noida

by Trinity Institute - 14 Sep 2022, Wednesday 270 Views Like (0)
Looking for the Best Bjmc College in Greater Noida

Gone are the days when engineering and medicine were the only courses that were preferred by students in the world. But today, there are various other fields of study that interest various students.BJMC course is one such degree that has gained immense popularity over the recent past.  TIIPS offer BJMC(Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication) which is a 3-year undergraduate degree for students who aspire to pursue their career in the field of media and journalism. TIIPS is affiliated with GGSIPU(Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University). The college aims to introduce and keep students up to date with modern developments and methods in BJMC. Many students have chosen to take this course due to the evolving nature of the media.


One of the best BJMC College in Greater Noida that places a strong emphasis on character is the Trinity Institute of Innovation in Professional Studies(TIIPS) which is established in 2008 under one of Eveready Exim, section 8(5) of the Companies Act 2013. In helping and preparing students for their whole growth. The college provides a 3-year undergraduate BJMC course and has designed a highly professional environment to match the requirements of business today. the college teaches students best practices through advanced technology classrooms. 

Learn from the Best:

BJMC is regarded as the orientation of the modern generation. In the present day, this field has become a very popular career choice. More and more young people are drawn to the expanding reality of mass media, which they view as an exciting career opportunity that will allow youngers to benefit society and the country by providing the necessary news, education, information, and entertainment. 
The BJMC course has highly skilled, committed, and experienced faculty who support their students in achieving their academic and professional goals. The college focuses heavily on students' development and pushes them beyond just the course syllabus. The college educated and nurture students in accordance with the demands of the media, corporate communication, or advanced media industry. The requirement of this course, the faculty has years of excellent industry experience in reporting, public relations, filmmaking, and media research. TIIPS always provides strength and motivates the students of journalism and mass communication. 

Top BCA College in Delhi NCR:

TIIPS does not even offer BJMC courses only but BCA is the one provided by the college. As the Top BCA College in Delhi NCR, the college provides students an opportunity to be trained in state-of-the-art technologies through the best infrastructure, including advanced labs. The college aim on developing students for industry-ready.