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Personal Tutors and Best Teachers Available Online for Cat | MBA | GMAT Exams3

by Deepak Chauhan - 06 Jul 2022, Wednesday 291 Views Like (0)
Personal Tutors and Best Teachers Available Online for Cat | MBA | GMAT Exams3

CAT Exam Mistakes to Avoid during Preparation

As much as hard work is required to pass the CAT Exam, analyzing and correcting CAT Exam mistakes during preparation is also essential.

So, if you're preparing for the CAT, avoid the CAT Exam Mistakes listed below.

1. Skipping the Basics

For the CAT Exam, you must first strengthen the fundamental concepts and lay a solid foundation before moving on to higher-level topics. Ignoring the fundamentals and proceeding directly to the advanced level will land you in hot water.

2. No Daily TimeTable

Most students work hard, but few create a daily/weekly schedule. The most important aspect of CAT preparation is the timetable. Every CAT aspirant should plan his or her daily preparation by creating a schedule and sticking to it. The students can take the guidance of their personal tutors for CAT preparation. This timetable should be prepared in such a way that it can be followed practically.

3. Inadequacy in Regular Revision

You must regularly review all of the concepts, formulae, and shortcuts you have learned; otherwise, you may find it difficult to recall them on the day of the final CAT exam. In this regard, you can set aside half a day every week or fortnight to go over everything you've learned so far.

4. Avoiding Self-Preparation Strategies

Not everyone is gifted in the classroom. Some students excel at verbal communication while others excel at math. Identifying one's preparation methodology is therefore critical. When you develop your preparation strategies, you will achieve better results and gain confidence in your abilities. Avoiding self-preparation will only make things worse.

5. Not taking Mock Tests

Even when we have ample access to practice papers and mock tests, many of us do not use them due to laziness. We all know but often forget that mock tests not only help with time management but also boost confidence.

6. Over/under-analyzing mocks

Mocks are serious business. Continue to score well and avoid becoming overconfident. At the same time, don't let the low scores discourage you.

Keep in mind that mock scores will not determine your actual performance.

The most important thing is to analyze them and look for areas where you can improve your preparation.

7. Neglecting one section

It is not a good idea to focus too much on one section or to ignore one entire section because you are weak in one and strong in another. Take the detailed guidance of your teachers for MBA Exam.

8. Improper or Nil Analysis on what to attempt and what not to attempt

CAT is a timed paper. If time were unlimited, you would have solved to the best of your ability, but because time is limited, you must choose which questions to answer and which to skip, and if you do choose, you must be prepared to move on to the next question if you are unable to solve in the allotted time. This is exactly what people don't do because, while you may not realize it, it actually takes time away from other questions, so read the question and think for a second if you are going to solve it, rather than traditional read and try to solve.

9. Every Exam is important

Most students concentrate solely on the CAT, but if they do not take the other exams, they will miss out on admission to some excellent colleges.

With the IIMs placing such a high value on academics, it is critical to focus on other exams such as the IIFT, TISS, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, and others.

Similarly, even if the CAT doesn't have a question from these areas, keep working on your GK, vocabulary, and decision-making.

And don't stop once you've finished CAT; now is not the time to sit back and relax. Your preparation should be geared up even more for the upcoming GDs and PIs.