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Private Lessons Evolution

by elmadrasah en - 13 Jun 2022, Monday 596 Views Like (0)
Private Lessons Evolution

Online learning

Online learning can be considered as That kind of internet-based education, in which The students communicate with their teacher and colleague in totally virtual experience.

This type of learning keeps growing since the period of inventing the internet in 90ís of the last century.

For students, Instead of going everyday by bus to their schools and consuming a lot of paper-materials, they could get whatever they need in each learning paths through PDFís and presentations, In addition to be assigned with tasks or homework.

For teachers, the teacher could explain all aspect of the subject he teaches to many students from several locations on Earth.

Traditional Private lessons

parents always keep in mind the success of their kids, So They may not stop at sending them to schools only, but also getting the best private tutors to boost their kids learning curve.

Usually, kids used to go to specialized teaching centers to attend their private lessons in a group consists of about 15 students minimum, in which they face a lot of challenges.

Challenges and Obstacles of traditional Private Lessons

  • Busy schedule of private lessons which may cause the kid not to study well The information he gets from the teacher due to lack of free time.
  • Transportation from-to teaching centers.
  • Parents couldnít track the learning progress of their kids.
  • Distraction of kids concentration at the private lessons due to the number of students.
  • Huge physical efforts from kids which may lead them to lack of power doing their tasks or revision their lessons.
  • Continuous worries for parents towards their kids for not being home many hours a day attending their private lessons.

Private lessons from learning centers to Online platforms

The first online learning service took place in ILLINOIS university in the 60ís of the last century, when they decided to get the most of the computer invented at that time through a system delivers the learning materials to those students who canít make it to the university campus.

As the revolution of internet began in 20ís century the experience of online learning have changed a lot, as it becomes more interactive with a lot of privileges either to the teachers or to the students.

Because of the massive benefits of those privileges, many schools, universities, and private learning centers have provided their students an online platform to get the most of the advantages of the evolutionary experience.

Advantages of private lessons through online platforms

In the following, Youíre going to know why most people nowadays heads to the online learning:

  • Time and effort saving through attending the lessons from home.
  • Pick the suitable expertise tutor to boost their kidsí learning curve.
  • Keep an eye on the learning progress of their children.
  • Kids overcome the issue of massive numbers in the traditional lessons.
  • Parents develop for their kids their own customized schedule based on their time and needs.
  • For undergraduates and post graduates:
  • Study abroad without leaving their home.
  • Study on your desired schedule, so you donít have to leave your current job.
  • Develop your career and learn new skills to keep it up.
  • You learn with experts in each field of learning.
  • To sum up: Flexibility and efficiency are the 2 main advantages of why most people and establishments heads to this trending experience.

9 Tips to get the most benefits of Online Learning

  1. Determine your desired outcome from your learning path, so you could easily track your progress through a quick comparison between your performance and your target.
  2. Make sure that you have solid background of prerequisites about your online course, so you donít find a massive gap while proceeding your learning journey.
  3. Customize your own studying comfortable zone and make sure your Internet is stable.
  4. Keep away of distractions sources.
  5. Maintain switching your roomís light on, so you keep your eyes healthy.
  6. Make yourself a cup of your favorite drinks.
  7. Prepare a suitable office to avoid nick pain and Spinal strain, which may lead you to lose your interest towards achieving your desired goals.
  8. Donít get panic from making mistakes, because this is the right strategy of learning, you keep making mistakes and learn, so you donít make them in the following situations.
  9. Develop your own studying strategy depending on your regular basis to become more realistic and achievable.
  10. Set time limits and push yourself to stick with it to get your desired goal of each single day.
  11. Demand to experts' thoughts when you're struggling at studying something.
  12. Take a break to recharge your power.
  13. Reward yourself on the short time to get encouraged to continue your journey.

Top worldwide online learning Websites

There are different websites that offers either online learning paths or online courses with an instructor to mentor your learning process, as the following list:

  • Coursera
  • Udacity.
  • Udemy.
  • Skill share.
  • Edx.
  • LinkedIn learning.
  • Futurelearn.
  • Brilliant.
  • MindValley.
  • Pluralsight.
  • Masterclass.
  • Learnworlds.
  • Thinkific.
  • Teachable.
  • Kajabi.
  • Podia.
  • WizIQ.
  • Academy of mine.
  • Docebo.
  • LearnUpon.

Top website in Gulf area and Arabian world which have been launched in 2020 serving the gulf area and Arabian world and offers a group of qualified private tutors in all fields of learning.

Advantages of

  • Single online private lessons with your private tutor via ZOOM application.
  • Schedule flexibility as you could pick your own time of learning:
    • Morning schedule.
    • Evening schedule.
  • Parents could track the learning curve of their children.
  • Massive discounts on courses packages.
  • Experts in all learning paths.

Top Courses of

  1. IELETS and TOEFL courses: the platform provide your with both IELETS and TOEFL preparation courses to help you achieve your score on both tests.
  2. Most popular languages courses, as the following:
    1. Arabic.
    2. French.
    3. English.
    4. German.
    5. Chinese.
    6. Urdu.
    7. Spanish.
    8. Turkish.
  3. The popular test in UAE: Emsat test course which is an exam indicates mastering of  specific skills and aspects to prepare students to apply for Universities.