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Speed Writing: Tips to Help You Write Essays Quickly and Effectively

by Ruby Singh - 04 May 2022, Wednesday 65 Views Like (0)
Speed Writing: Tips to Help You Write Essays Quickly and Effectively

Whatís the best way to write an essay? That depends on what type of essay youíre writing and who itís for, but one thing remains certain Ė the more quickly you can finish your essay, the better. After all, who wants to spend hours writing and revising their essays when they could be relaxing or spending time with friends? Speed writing might seem like a far-fetched idea that only the most elite writers can pull off, but with some helpful tips, you can learn how to write essays quickly and effectively, too! Here are our favourite tricks!

Read the essay prompt

Itís tempting to just sit down and start writing as soon as you see an essay prompt. However, itís important that you read what youíre being asked for so that you can fully understand what kind of information is expected from you. Many prompts are open-ended questions that require more than one answer, so if you jump into your own ideas too quickly, you might not be meeting all of your potential points. This step is crucial in preparing yourself for success on timed essays because it ensures that you have a thorough grasp on everything being asked of you before beginning any type of formal writing process.

Use bullet points to structure your response

When youíre given a timed writing assignment, itís easy to fall into bad habits. To ensure that you are producing your best work, follow a strict format. For example, write each main point in a bulleted list with sub points underneath. This way your response will be organised and clean-lookingóand make it easier for readers to skim if they need to make notes quickly. 

If you do have time, reread what you wrote down (no matter how bad it may look) so that you can spot any typos or problems before submitting your essay. Keep an eye on citations: If there is information in your Essay writing help that came from outside sources, cite those sources correctly by using superscript numbers in parentheses or brackets throughout your response.

Keep track of time spent writing

If you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to keep track of how much time you spend working on papers. Get in a habit of timing your writing sessions with a kitchen timer or other timepiece. When you sit down to write, set it for 20 minutes (or whatever time period works best for you). Start writing and when it goes off, stop immediately and check your word count. Then just add that number onto your final draft. This is one easy way to make sure that whenever you write, youíre always staying on task with whatís due!

Take breaks from typing

Speed typing for long periods of time can cause repetitive strain injury. Additionally, forcing yourself to focus on writing for long periods of time can result in poor work quality. Taking short breaks from writing and getting some exercise can help you stay motivated. Hereís a break schedule you can use; it takes into account that most people need at least 10 minutes or so just to get back into their work after a break

Re-read your draft before submitting it

Before hitting send, re-read your essay and make sure it makes sense. A rushed  Essay Writing Service can be a sloppy one. Double-check that you have included all of your supporting material, such as graphs or photos, before sending it off for marking. Good luck! Don't forget to start working on your next fast writing assignment as soon as you've submitted your last one. Speed writers never rest!

Avoid procrastination (If you canít think about what else to write, start brainstorming more ideas based on the original prompt)

Itís tempting to put off writing an essay or research paper in favor of watching TV, hanging out with friends, or sleeping. Donít do it! Instead, take a break if you have time and come back when you can concentrate. If you donít have time, then at least start brainstorming ideas for your paper. Pick one idea that interests youóit doesnít matter which ideaóand think about what kind of details would work best in your essay.