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Stem Skills Gap Can Be Filled by Teaching Children How to Code

by Elation Edtech Pvt. Ltd. - 09 Jun 2022, Thursday 107 Views Like (0)
Stem Skills Gap Can Be Filled by Teaching Children How to Code

"Importance of technology is increasing every day. We must not deprive our children of technology; if we do, then it's a social crime."

This quote by our hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi explains the need of the hour for the children who are the country's future.

Children's imaginations are as wild as flying automobiles, auto-tying shoes, and robot assistants. While flying automobiles is still a dream, technology has significantly influenced how we operate and play. We had no idea how much smartphones would influence our conduct and shape our lifestyles ten years ago. The future is approaching quicker than we can imagine. Even kids, who are in art school, are also learning to code today. The development of robotics courses is changing the way children learn, and as a matter of fact, they willingly enroll in Online STEM classes for kids.


How STEM Education Courses For Kids Is the Need Of The Hour?


Technological innovations such as AI and automation are transforming every sector, and there is concern that many human jobs may be lost. However, with new technological advancements come new work opportunities. By the time our children are ready to work, jobs such as developing and managing robots and their subsystems will be highly demanded.


The issue is that most schools fail to educate our students on the skills they will need to fill future occupations. Industries are already having difficulty finding employees qualified to fill these high-skilled positions. It will be impossible to stay up without the necessary technological skills.


The National Association of Manufacturing and Deloitte estimate that the United States would need to fill nearly 3.5 million manufacturing positions by 2025; however, as many as 2 million of those jobs may go unfulfilled owing to a lack of qualified candidates.


Computer science is taught in less than a quarter of schools throughout the country, and even fewer middle and primary schools provide academically demanding computer science experiences, according to CSforAll. Because there are no coding programs for primary and middle school children, they will be unprepared for high school and college. More STEM professionals with greater skill levels and the potential to fill positions in expanding areas would result from the earlier development of STEM talents.


What Are The Ways Getting Started In STEM Education For Kids?

One method to develop the abilities required for these future vocations is to learn to program. Technology, specifically coding, has aided in the advancement of the internet and robotics and businesses such as healthcare and fine dining. Coding abilities may be used in practically every profession. Coding provides children with essential life skills and confidence, and the ability to develop applications and games.


There are alternative methods to learn to code if your kid's school is one of the 75% that does not offer coding and computer science. Because coding is so adaptable, you can incorporate it with anything your child is interested in.


Minecraft may assist in teaching coding concepts to your children if they enjoy gaming. While Minecraft mods and Redstone weren't designed explicitly to teach coding, they help youngsters learn Java (one of the major coding languages) and fundamentals like binary numbers and terminal commands. Minecraft isn't capable of teaching children to code independently, but it may be an essential component of a coding curriculum.


In a classroom with children or a professional educator, kids can learn to make video games, web pages, and applications. Depending on what's available in your region, you may select between in-person and virtual coding lessons for kids. It may help kids utilize their artistic and innovative abilities while learning coding essentials in web and game creation classes. They'll be able to create customized applications and sites as per their preferences.


While programming games are ideal for younger children who aren't yet ready to study text, complex toys are also available for older children and teenagers. For some students who want to see how things function in the real world, taking coding principles offline might be more fascinating.


Start with programming books for children if they're keen readers. Books on individual languages and more advanced areas such as smartphone and robotics design are available. Your youngster may learn how to make computer games, create animations, design smartphone applications, and start websites by reading these books.


Summing Up!

Coding and STEM talents are in high demand. Unfortunately, schools have yet to catch up. It does not imply that your child must lag. Children are welcoming changes and advancements in technology. It is our responsibility to motivate and help them to be well equipped for the future.


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