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Strategy for Scoring More in the Act Examination

by goto university - 09 May 2022, Monday 74 Views Like (0)
Strategy for Scoring More in the Act Examination

A strategic test taker is smart. Because the ACT is not like other tests you've taken in school, you'll need to approach it differently.

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ACT exam Strategies in General

The following are some general ACT tactics to help you improve your overall score. All of the ACT's sections can benefit from these recommendations and techniques.

Carefully read each question

Never assume you know the answer to a question until you've read it thoroughly. On rare occasions, students will give an answer they recall from a similar question on a practice test. Carefully read each question's words.

Don't try to cram

There's no purpose in studying for the ACT because it tests you on knowledge you've gained during your high school experience. Watch a movie and get a good night's sleep the day before the test to unwind. Staying up late studying the night before the test will just stress you out and make you exhausted the next day.

Make sure you're familiar with the test

Before the test, familiarise yourself with the ACT's structure. Learn and study the directions for each component of the test during your test preparation. When you get at the test, you'll already know what each component of the ACT will demand. This will allow you to save time throughout the exam.

Start with the simple questions

First, answer the questions for which you are certain you know the proper answer. Mark each question you skip in your exam booklet so you can conveniently find it later. Return to the more difficult questions when you've finished with the easier ones.

Do not scribble anything on your answer sheet

A computer scores your ACT answer sheet, and it can't tell the difference between a right response, a wayward mark, or a hasty doodle in the margin. Check your answer sheet for any stray marks. As you mark correct answers on your answer sheet, carefully follow the directions given.

Only one answer is accurate

Each question on the ACT has a single valid answer. Even though it looks that two valid solutions exist, you can only choose one, therefore choose the best answer for each question.

Set a time strategy

Because the test has a time limit, don't spend too much time on any one question. Limit yourself to 1 to 2 minutes for the more difficult questions and no more than 10 to 20 seconds for the simpler ones. The ACT is made up of 4-5 timed mini-tests. Pay special attention to how much time is left in each part so you don't have to rush to finish each test at the last minute. To keep track of time during the test, we recommend carrying your own stopwatch.


There are numerous advantages to practising. Taking practise exams will assist you to become more comfortable with the exam, identify what you know and don't know, and feel more secure going into the actual exam.

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