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The Importance of Enrolling Kids With the Best Play School in Delhi

by Shubham Tiwari - 13 Sep 2022, Tuesday 117 Views Like (0)
The Importance of Enrolling Kids With the Best Play School in Delhi

If youíre a parent, then the idea of enrolling your kid in a play school would have crossed your mind at some point. As we live in a world where all kids are growing up in a learning environment, you donít want your kids to be missing out on any opportunities. Research shows that kids who attend playschool are better at reading, communication, and emotional skills than kids who do not. Donít believe us? Read what experts have to say here.

Play schools can be the first place where your child gets exposed to the real world, and you donít want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong playschool. So, in this article, we will take you to what importance a play school has in the learning journey of your kid and how you should pick the best play school in Delhi for your child.

The Importance of the Best Play School 

1. Sensory activations

Have you ever had the experience that you turned around for a few minutes, and suddenly you found your toddler covered in mud or there was lipstick all over his/her face? You may find it messy to clean up, but this is an important experience for kids. Activities that include stimulation of one of the five senses are called ďsensory play.Ē So, if you want to get rid of this messiness and still want your children to engage in sensory play, then enrolling in a play school could be your best choice.

2. Development of emotional and social skills

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old are like sponges; they absorb knowledge from their environment. Homeschooling can be an option, but in play school, kids get to meet children of their age group, and they learn co-existence, teamwork, and leadership skills at a very early age. They develop emotions like empathy and kindness when they are around other kids. Teachers at playschool are, of course, a beneficial influence on children. 

3. Preparation for elementary school

Playschools donít just stop at playing; they equip children with academic education as well. Children who go to elementary school straight without attending a playschool can find it hard to get a grip on their ABCs and 123s. On the other hand, kids who attended playschool will already be well versed in the basics. 

The features of the best play schools 

1. A safe and comfortable environment 

Your kids need to be engaged in a nurturing environment where they feel socially accepted. Look for CCTV cameras that ensure the protection of your children, but if you still feel uncertain, then look for online playschools. Yes, online playschools are a thing, and there are some of the best play schools in Delhi that provide online services.

2. Educated and attentive teachers 

Look for a play school that has educated teachers who are also patient and caring with the kids. Donít shy away from asking for the experience and credentials of teachers. PreSchool that have a low student-to-teacher ratio provide a pleasant learning environment. 

3. A strong reputation 

Parents, when looking for the best play school near me, go by word of mouth, but we suggest you also look for the social media handles of the playschools as well. Check if they have recently been covered by any prominent media house or if they have been awarded lately. 

Why should Footprints Playschool and Daycare be your best pick? 

  • Live CCTV streaming
  • World-class adult-child ratio 
  • Safe Infrastructure
  • Trained staff
  • Home like care 
  • Flexible timings 
  • Live interactive classes  
  • Run by IIT-IIM alumni. 
  • Have good media coverage. 
  • Award-winning pre-school, which makes it the best play school in Delhi.