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Tips by Teachers From Good Schools in Noida for Parents Who Want to Help Students Perform Better

by Aslam ali - 26 Apr 2022, Tuesday 145 Views Like (0)
Tips by Teachers From Good Schools in Noida for Parents Who Want to Help Students Perform Better

The education sector is becoming more and more dynamic with each passing day. Examinations nowadays are not just mere tests to observe a childís memory. It is becoming conceptual. Examinations with each passing day, are giving strong emphasis on concept building and understanding. All schools across the country, including good schools in Noida, have changed their way of teaching so that students donít face difficulties while appearing for examinations. And more than the preparations at school, students at times need something more which boosts their motivation. And that can be achieved a great deal when parents and teachers get involved in the scenario. Follow this article to know about the tips and tricks meant for parents, to help students score well in examinations.

Tips for parents

As a child spends most of his/her time at school, the primary responsibility falls over the parents starting from the primary school admission form to select the best school that can rest their life for the future. 

Here are some tips that could help parents in strategizing their roles to help kids in examinations.

  • Encouragement

The first and foremost form of motivation comes from encouragement. So, before and after the examination, parents must be involved in encouraging their wards. The good energy and vibes from parents help them a lot to be confident in the exam preparation.

  • Preparing a timetable

It is in the best interest of children that they prepare for examinations on their own according to a plan provided by parents based on the age group of kids, which assists them in properly preparing for their examinations. They learn more effectively when they prepare within the time range set by examiners, which can be one month, two months, or even longer, depending on their vacation availability. This gives the child enough time to adequately study for exams.

  • Cutting-off distractions

Every youngster has a different distraction- some like to be on their phones watching videos or playing games, others like to read storybooks, or chat with their friends. All you need to do is figure out which one is interfering with your child's education and address it appropriately.

The time immediately following a test is critical. This is a time when children need someone to talk to about their feelings, fears, and concerns regarding the paper and the impending outcome. As parents, allow them to tell their side of the story and to discuss the paper without passing any judgments. Even if they havenít performed as per expectations, donít go on criticising. Rather, discuss their fears and problems, address them, make them understand, and ask them about their future plan of action for the upcoming exams.

  • Have an enquiry session

If a child is unclear about something, parents should ask them exam-related questions. The more they practise, the better they stay prepared for their exam. If there is room for improvement in these areas, parents can also ask them general knowledge or moral questions. Parents should ask their youngsters questions and assist them in their revision for the best results. This will greatly assist a child in preparing for exams.

  • Share your expectations

Students must prepare for exams far in advance in order to perform well in them. You must remember to explain to your youngster exactly what is anticipated from them throughout the tests. If they know what questions will be asked, it will be easier for them to study for the next exam. To prepare for an examination, a youngster must be aware of what will be present.

These are some tips for parents which would help a child during their examinations across schools all over the country, as well as at all good schools in Noida.

Teachers of good schools in noida  follow these strategies.

Now, let's have a look at some of the strategies teachers used which help a student to perform well in their examinations.

  • Playing interactive games

At times, learning in a fun way, happens to beat all other methods. And that is the sole reason why teachers make games and quizzes that will serve as a memory aid, allowing students to recall what they have learnt. Games and quizzes are not a waste of time in any manner. Choosing games helps pupils not to lose focus, and everything will be sorted. Playing games with the students helps to relieve them of pre-exam stress.

  • Conduct mock tests

A practice test proves to be quite beneficial and rewarding, no matter how cliche it might be. Teachers request students to take the exam's comparable practice test. When students are faced with the stress of an exam room and the uncertainty surrounding the questions ahead of time, they become more confident when taking their tests. They also conduct practice mock tests and discussion sessions regarding the previous year's question papers in order to help students and relieve their tension.

  • Active communication

Understanding creates doors to communication and vice versa and teachers serve pupils best as they try to understand them first. They establish a bond with them and offer them advice that works wonders towards the development of a child. Determining their pain points and adjusting the strategy accordingly also helps manifold.

  • Creating a list of probable topics

Teachers make a list of everything the students need to learn in the smaller grades which helps students. This list provides them with something to check off, encourages students to mark their topic list during review time, cross off topics students already know and underline or put a star next to things they know they need to study. This helps students a lot in knowing what they need to cover and what they have already covered.


A child learns best if he/she is being taught from a very early stage. So, it is advisable for all parents who are about to collect the primary school admission form, to start the habit of growing curiosity in the child. The more they get curious, the more they will learn something new. And it is this little strategy of planting inquisitiveness, that the faculties of good schools in Noida do with the students, from a very early stage. This is what makes the students of these schools better prepared for any examination that they approach to face at any point in their life.

Therefore, these were the tips for parents which can be adapted to help the students perform well in their examinations. So not only are the roles of good schools in Noida important but also the role of parents is unquestionable when it comes to the performance of students in examinations.