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Top 10 Best Valuable English Writing Tips for Beginners

by Christine Joseph - 08 Jun 2022, Wednesday 81 Views Like (0)
Top 10 Best Valuable English Writing Tips for Beginners

English writing is tough for students who have a different native language. They spend months and even years learning it. If you are one of those students and are at the beginner level of English writing here are the top 10 best valuable English writing tips:

Read Every Day:

People often say that if you want to learn how to speak English you need to listen to English speakers, in form of listening to a real-time conversation, podcasts, and audiobooks. Likewise, if you want to be good at English writing then you have to read a lot. Reading as much as you can, is going to help you in enhancing your vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure. This means that you can provide English assignment help to yourself just by reading and improve the writing quality.

Reading also fills your mind up with incredible ideas and tells you how exactly to put them into words which makes English writing quite easier. If you are unable to give one hour to reading every day then you should start by reading 15 minutes a day. If you read before bedtime it will also help you in sleeping peacefully.

Use an English Dictionary:

A valuable tip is to always keep an English dictionary with you and make active use of it. Writing an article? Pull out the dictionary and look for words you want to use. Completing an English assignment? Use the dictionary to get more sophisticated words. If you feel like your phase is too wordy then the dictionary can help you write a clearer, to-the-point sentence.

You should also start learning three to five words every single day from the dictionary to enhance your vocabulary. Later, you can utilize these words in your assignments and they will turn out to be well-written as well as sophisticated.

Another tip to use the dictionary for enhancing your English writing skills is if you are repeating a specific word often in your essays then you can look up words to read their meaning to come up with a synonym. Usually, the synonym is already written beside the meaning in the dictionary.

Write Daily Diary:

Writing dairies is not something unheard of. A few years back writing dairies was a prominent practice that may have declined in popularity now but there are still a lot of people who write diaries to document their everyday lives. Writing about your regular life events helps you practice mindfulness and regulates your emotions as you explain how certain events made you feel throughout the day. But if you write all of this in English it will improve your English writing skills.

Writing dairy regularly in English will make you search out new words and incorporate them in your writing. You will find multiple ways of expressing ideas in written English as well.

Make an Outline:

If you do not have proper English writing skills then it is easier for you to get lost in the piles of information and have no idea how to write them. So making an outline will help you categorize information and even If you struggle writing information down later at least you will not be worried about categorizing it incorrectly. With this in mind, you will be a little bit relaxed and spend the time working on just writing the assignment. Thus, your English writing skills will improve.

Accept Your Mistakes:

Your first draft will most probably never turn out good and that is alright. You do not have to push yourself to create a masterpiece on your first try. Just brainstorm the ideas and write them down on paper first, then take a step back and start cleaning up.

Have someone to Edit Your Writing:

Having someone to edit your English assignments is a very valuable tip if you want to level up from just a beginner. If you want you can get a friend, assignment writing service or just anyone that has an upper hand on English writing than you do. This way when you receive the corrected draft you will be able to read it through and identify your mistakes. Thus, allowing you to learn from them.

Use Language Correction Apps:

Using language corrections apps has been proven to be very helpful for the students at the beginner level of their English writing such as Grammarly (Ventayen et al., 2018). The majority of its users have gotten significant benefits from using this application. Therefore you should give it a go as well after you have drafted the assignment.

Make Flashcards:

Every time you search for new words, their synonyms, and their antonyms, it is useful to make flashcards for them. You should write the word on one side of the flashcard and meaning, part-of-speech as well as a sentence using the word on the other side. Review the flashcards frequently, and attempt to use the words in your own writing often.

Find Inspiration:

Since you will be reading on daily basis you are likely to also read the same writers’ work. Find out what it is that you enjoy about their work and get inspired to improve your English writing skills.

Stay Motivated:

Even a person that is most enthusiastic, motivated, and goal-oriented feels unmotivated to achieve their goals (Eazyresearch, 2020). You may be one of those people or become one when it comes to learning English writing. Therefore, you have to stay motivated most of the time. This can be done by taking mindful breaks and watching some motivational videos.


Now you know what are the best value tips are for English writing, go ahead and implement them.


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