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Type of International School Fees That Parents Should Know About?

by Aslam ali - 18 Aug 2022, Thursday 324 Views Like (0)
Type of International School Fees That Parents Should Know About?

Sending your child to an international school in Kuala Lumpur might be expensive or affordable, depending on the school you choose. But for those accustomed to sending their child to free and inexpensive public schools, it is essential to be prepared for the fees.

Whether or not cost is essential in choosing international schools, you need to know the different categories of fees charged in these schools. The guide below can help you know about the costs that are captured in an international school.


Types of Kuala Lumpur International School Fees

Some of the critical international school fees are as follows:

? Application fees

International schools charge application fees to process the application. Though some schools do not charge application fees, others can charge thousands of dollars per student.

In some rare cases, you may find that schools offer discounts for families that apply for the admission of more than one child. As these fees are not refundable, you will not get your money back even if your child is not accepted in international schools. You will also be given or allowed a refund if you do not enroll your child after being offered a spot.

? Registration fees

An international school will charge you registration fees to cover the enrolment process after your child has been offered a spot in the school. Some schools may not charge registration fees, while others can charge a lot of money.

You must pay this non-refundable fee when your child enrolls in an international school. You also do not need to pay the fee again if your child continues to be at the school for several years.

? Re-enrolment fees

Some schools can charge an annual re-enrollment fee for the current students to be able to reserve the last spots in the school for the following year. In some rare cases, this type of Kuala Lumpur international school fee is a prepayment offset against the tuition fees needed for the next academic year. You can consider it an administrative charge.

? Refundable deposit in international schools

Sometimes international schools need a refundable deposit that needs to be paid after your child is enrolled in the school. The calculation of the deposits depends upon the school; while some collect a set amount, others collect lower amounts for the second and third enrolled child.   

In any international school, you will find that the deposit is usually refunded in some weeks or months. This is when your child either graduates or withdraws from the international school.

? Tuition fees

Tuition fees can cover the cost of teaching and supporting your child, and they also make up several fees that an international school charges. The tuition fees can differ across countries and schools across the world, and they can range from affordable to massive amounts of fees.

Even in individual schools, tuition fees can differ based on the grade your child is studying and the curriculum your child is following. The payment terms for these types of Kuala Lumpur international school fees can also vary according to the schools.

? Activity fees

Though some international fees can include the cost of joining a sports team or a club in the tuition fees, others may charge the fees separately. The prices may also differ based on external firms' after-school activities and programs.

Generally, the cost of local field trips and excursions are part of the school's academic curriculum and are also included in the annual tuition fees. Though overseas school trips for experiential learning and sports events might consist of prices ranging from a hundred to thousands of dollars.

? Language support fees

International schools that offer language support programs can also charge extra fees if your child needs intensive language instruction other than the standard school curriculum. These fees can either be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

? School development fee

International schools can charge this form of Kuala Lumpur international school fees for their school development fund. The funds are usually used for financing significant projects like buying new equipment or building the latest facilities.

While international schools do not charge this fee, others can charge several thousands of dollars for every student per year. The prices can also differ based on the school in which your child is enrolled. You will be charged with transportation and uniform fees as well.


Final Words

If you plan to send your child to an international school in Kuala Lumpur, then you need to know about the fee structure and the associated fees. International schools can benefit your child in many ways, but you also need to know the cost and fee structures that will come along with it.