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What Are the Most Popular Colleges in Ireland?

by goto university - 07 May 2022, Saturday 211 Views Like (0)
What Are the Most Popular Colleges in Ireland?

Did you know that Ireland is referred to as 'The Land of Saints and Scholarsí? This is because they have been home to so many monasteries, institutions and colleges since 500AD, all of which have helped students gain access to some of the world's top-ranked universities over the centuries. That's right! Since the founding of several of Ireland's best universities, many schools are gaining reputations for having a global reputation in offering education services that are highly ranked. These schools have come to be known as some of the best institutions worldwide to study in Ireland thanks to their excellent learning facilities, a wide range of courses and resources and numerous benefits provided on campus!

Here are the top universities located in Ireland to make your study in Ireland easier and simpler. Check the list prepared by GoTo University, the best Ireland educational consultant in UAE:

  1. Technological University of Dublin: TU Dublin is Irelandís first technological university, founded in 2019. The school boasts a high placement in the employment market, with 93 per cent of its students in the indenture or heading to higher education within nine months of graduating. TU Dublin proves to be incredibly diverse option when choosing a college to study in Ireland, with 29,700 students from 138 different nationalities. The university is equipped with 3 campuses. One in the heart of Dublin city. Other two campuses are located in Blanchardstown and Tallaght Ė two of the largest areas of Dublin. TU Dublin is working towards building its 4th campus to accommodate increasing number of admissions.
  2. Maynooth University: Maynooth University staffs more than fifty different top-tier faculty. Additionally, Maynooth University leadership has programs in place to help students learn how to understand more about their education and how to balance it with the rest of their lives after finishing school. With a student population of more than thirteen thousand people, this institution is incredibly global, allowing students opportunities to immerse themselves in different cultures while they study in Ireland. The university has established partnerships with multiple other educational institutions from other nations so that its global perspective continues to broaden even during studies within Ireland. Maynooth University earns high marks this year for both the diversity and internationalization of the faculty members. It ranks 210th worldwide in this category.
  3. University College Dublin: University College Dublin is situated on the western coast of Ireland by the River Shannon. The school prides itself on whatever industry it lends its hand to whether it be engineering or business, it has a strong direct positive relationship with that industry resulting in a 13% higher overall employment increase than the national average giving them an out-of-the-box advantage. They also pioneered the concept of Cooperative Education in Ireland which helps to place over 1,000 students into paid and semi-paid work placements each year.
  4. Dublin City University: Dublin City University was founded in 1975 and has three campuses across Dublin. The university is focused on increasing its studentsí employability and building transferable skills while at the same time ensuring the degrees they offer are globally recognised. It was Irelandís first higher education institution to integrate workplace internships into its undergraduate courses, which may account for its high score in the most recent QS Employability Rankings (301-500).
  5. National University of Ireland: Although it's dropped down the table, it still retains its top ten ranking on certain metrics like faculty-student ratio and international staff numbers. The National University of Ireland in Galway was founded in 1845 and since then it has grown massively in size, with now a student population of more than 18,000 students across four campuses. College of the Atlantic and Waterford Institute of Technology are among its partner colleges and help students succeed while they study in Ireland. NUIG offers an extensive list of bachelor's, Master and PhD programmes to potential students and hosts over 100 student societies for those wishing to get involved during their time as a student.

Ireland has been growing as an attractive location for students who decide to study abroad. With many universities in Ireland, the top 5 have been listed above. We hope this list makes it clear for you to choose the best one for you to help study in Ireland. To know more about admission to Ireland universities, feel free to contact GoTo University, the best Ireland educational consultant in UAE.