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What Is a Dissertation Literature Review and What Are Its Important Types?

by jeffrey collins - 25 Jul 2022, Monday 365 Views Like (0)
What Is a Dissertation Literature Review and What Are Its Important Types?

Do you know there are different types of literature reviews and it is done by the professional for different types of literature? Well,  if you were not aware of this, then this piece of information will give you all details about literature reviews and its types.

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The literature review is basically summary of important sources present in any literature. Review of literature usually has a set pattern and it is  always done in the similar way. Review comprise of summary as well as the synthesis of literature content. The summary, we all know is the quick recap of full literature and it contains all key information. On the other hand, the synthesis is reshuffling of the entire content in order to show how the reviewer has analyzed the whole thing. The purpose of literature reviews are many and reviews are really helpful for writers to brush up their work and understand what readers think about their work.

Various  Types Of Dissertation Literature Reviews Done

Argumentative Review - The purpose of argumentative review is to develop the literature body that built the opposite viewpoint. This form of review is a kind of legitimate work, but sometimes it is considered as biased and it is done with the intention of developing the opposite viewpoint.

Integrative Review - The integrated review is a kind of review that includes everything about the topic. It is analyzed completely considering the present, past and history of the topic and review is done accordingly. It is also a kind of research work on the topic.

Systematic Review - This review contains the overview of evidence relevant to a clearly prepared research question, which utilizes pre-defined and standardized ways to recognize and seriously appraise the correct research, and to gather, report and read the data from the studies that are involved in the review. The basic objective of this review is deliberately document, summarize scientifically and critically evaluate all research about defined research issue clearly.

Other review types historical review and theorical review.

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