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What Is DCA? All Information About the DCA Course

by Tara Cruz - 18 Oct 2022, Tuesday 706 Views Like (0)
What Is DCA? All Information About the DCA Course

In today's modern digital world, professionals must constantly update their knowledge and skill sets to keep up with the speed at which the world is expanding, thanks to the technological revolution. If you work as a professional in a DevOps environment, it is important that you are familiar with the various DevOps tools and technology. One such in-demand skill set in the DevOps job scenario is the ability to use Docker. The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam is a professional certification program that aids in validating your Docker skill set through real-world questionnaires created by knowledgeable Docker practitioners.

Additionally, it's critical for professionals to maintain their competitive edge in the modern workplace by updating their docker skill sets and demonstrating their knowledge. There are many excellent programs that will help you prepare for the DCA exam, and one such program is the DCA course offered on the digital platform of Simplilearn. If you have been wondering why Docker is so important and why getting certified in it is necessary, look no further. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of what DCA entails and everything you need to know about the DCA course.

What is Docker?

Docker is an open-source containerized software platform that enables rapid development, testing, and deployment of applications. It organizes applications into standardized units known as containers that contain the application source code and operating system libraries, as well as any other components required for the software to run. In a nutshell, Docker simplifies the development and deployment of the software process. Thus, companies are embracing the Docker technology because it enables application portability, scalability, and deployment by facilitating code execution in any environment.

Why do you need to learn Docker?

Bill Gates once famously quoted, "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." Docker is a fantastic tool that makes it easier to develop and deploy software, much like the lazy person's handyman, thus making life easier for a developer. Furthermore, Docker provides instant application portability and simple scalability through containerization. Most modern applications are designed for cloud architectures; containerizing apps allow for faster production deployments, allowing us to deploy applications whenever and wherever.

What is Docker certified associate? What are its benefits?

The Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam is the industry's de facto benchmark for practical Docker knowledge and validates your competence as an experienced Docker practitioner. The ability to manage enterprise workloads at scale with Docker Enterprise Edition will make professionals who hold this Docker certification stand out. The principal advantages are as follows:

  • An official Docker credential that recognizes your Docker proficiency
  • A digital certificate and the ability to use the Docker Certified Associate logo on resumes and social media handles
  • Online confirmation of your Docker Certified status by prospective employers
  • Access to the Docker Certified professional network on LinkedIn and invitations to events for certified individuals only

Overview of the DCA Course

A wide range of DCA courses is available in both offline and online settings, catering to the needs of both students and professionals. By completing training in these DCA courses, one will be able to easily pass the DCA exam because these courses are designed to cover all the fundamentals of Docker. For example, Simplilearn's hands-on Docker certification training is aligned with the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) Certification body and covers Docker fundamentals. Students will be able to understand Docker and its role in the DevOps lifecycle, as well as create images, containers, swarms, volumes, and networks, as well as define Docker security client bundles and client-server authentication.

Eligibility and admission criteria for the DCA course

Since the IT sector is subject to significant technological reforms and updates, professionals must continually update themselves with the newest skill sets and demonstrate their mettle to their organizations. This DCA course will benefit recent graduates, software developers, software engineers, technical leads, and system administrators, among others.


The students must hold a high school diploma or an undergraduate degree. Working knowledge of Linux is also required, as is practical experience.

Key Features of the DCA course

Simplilearn's online DCA training Bootcamp is incredibly efficient, providing comprehensive detail on a wide range of Docker fundamentals and advanced skills. Simplilearn's Blended Learning concept converts the traditional classroom experience into a digital environment via its cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS), which provides teaching assistance and around-the-clock support. With the help of an immersive learning experience that combines various learning techniques, such as training delivered by an instructor in virtual classrooms, studying at one's own pace, and individualized mentorship, online training also enables a tailored approach based on your unique needs.

The following are the main features of the DCA course:

  • 8X higher interaction in live online classes led by industry experts
  • Two course-ending assessments
  • Three final-year projects
  • eBooks are included
  • Knowledge tests following each lesson
  • Upon successful training completion, you will receive an industry-recognized Docker course completion certificate.

The curriculum covered in the DCA course

Your knowledge of Docker and your proficiency in developing and deploying applications using Docker will be tested on the DCA exam. Thus, passing the DCA exam demonstrates your prowess in using the Docker application and expertise in creating a standard for your IT abilities. Therefore, as you prepare for the DCA exam, keep in mind to learn the core elements and build a solid foundational knowledge of Docker. Some of the key concepts covered in the online DCA training program include the following:

1. Docker fundamentals

2. Getting started with Docker

3. Image Creation, Management, and registry

4. Container configuration

5. Networking

6. Orchestration

7. Docker container storage and volumes

8. Docker security

9. Docker Kubernetes Service (DKS)

You can easily transition to a career in DevOps after learning Docker since it is one of the core components of the DevOps lifecycle. Individuals with Docker certification are qualified for the following jobs:

  • DevOps engineer
  • DevOps consultant
  • Release manager
  • DevOps architect 

Who will gain from DCA certification?

Since Docker skills are highly valued in the IT industry, professionals in the DevOps domain, as well as those working in the following, will benefit greatly from this online DCA training.

  • Cloud professionals
  • Developers
  • Solution architects
  • Testers
  • Release engineers
  • System administrators