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What Is the Right Age to Admit Children to Nursery Class?

by nishant saini - 19 Aug 2022, Friday 386 Views Like (0)
What Is the Right Age to Admit Children to Nursery Class?

If you're a working parent and have a young kid under 5 at home, you must have web-searched nursery classes near me multiple times. But, the overwhelming results might have made you confused. There's no need to worry, as this article shares answers to all your queries. Let us start with the appropriate age for kids to attend  nursery class

The right age for nursery class admission

Typically, kids between the age group of 2.5 years to 3.5 years can take nursery admission. In fact, it's the ideal period of their lives to explore the outside world they aren't familiar with yet. 

At this age, kids usually like to mingle and befriend other children. They often start to communicate with a few words and even eat on their own. 

Thus, when you admit your kid to the nursery during this age period, it develops their mind and personality even better. 

Qualities of an ideal nursery class

From 0 to 4 years of age, a kid's brain intelligence develops around 80%. Therefore, you must choose a nursery school that aids your kid's positive upbringing. Consider the following factors while making a choice: 

  • Optimum play area:

Children need to have a spacious playground area to play around and involve in physical activities. Ensure that each branch has optimum space and allows kids to indulge in different sports and outdoor activities.

  • Comfortable and kid-friendly environment:

Ensure your kid gets special attention and care when they aren't around you. It's crucial for their proper psychological and mental growth. At Footprints Play School & Day Care, they maintain an aura of ease and comfort for both parents and kids. In fact, this should be the basic provision of nursery schools. 

  • Good Reputation

To narrow down your search, you must go through other parents' reviews about the nursery school. Do an online search for nursery classes near me. You can check the reviews online or visit the place and directly talk with other parents. Here are a few questions you must consider asking them: 

  • Is their kid happy to go to nursery School? 
  • Do they share things with them they learn at school? 
  • Are teachers nurturing and qualified? 
  • Why do you prefer that particular school?
  • How're their interactions with school go?
  • What additional facilities does the nursery school provide?

  • Real-Time Learning:

Practicing activities individually makes your kid learn new things in a much better manner. Look for a nursery school that engages kids in activities like storytelling, plays, etc. 

An ideal nursery class should offer interactive learning through activities like art, dance games, singing, etc. It boosts creativity and curiosity in little kids. 

  • Robust Safety Standards:

If your kid is going to play outdoors, it is apparent that they will fall and often get hurt. Thus, you must ensure that the premise has a kid-safe environment. In fact, it would be safer if the premise installed CCTV cameras or a balanced teacher-student ratio to keep an eye on every kid. 

  • Ideal Infrastructure

Factors that make a nursery school's infrastructure ideal:

  • A calm, responsive and engaging class.
  • Classrooms that are spacious and colorful.
  • Kid-safe furniture.
  • Clean and regularly maintained playground area. 

Final words

Aside from academics, hands-on activities and lots of outdoor games are essential in these early stages of kids' growth. Approach a controlled nursery class environment for your kids of age between 2 to 3.5.